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What's up Smackjeeves I'm Killakay544 you may know me as KillaMilla on here but that's ma name! I'm an expert at Pokemon spriteing and if ya need any help just ask! I will be starting a group comic once my other friends join like Redtails and garganight anyways HI!
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Why? Will we see this comic again?
Dude im liking the involvement with the sideplot of Isolato great work.... and Oh about DS thanks for blocking the kid noone in the community liked him
U made my day man...
Maybe Links arrogance plays another part?
Reunited and it feels so goood
Dude he got jacked since windwaker!
Taking inspiration from Mawis templates lol jk jk great job Kc I've been enjoying the story as of ur return i would donate but I'm out sorry man :(
Holy crap this looks flippen awesome!
I never saw Maria as the killer type since these recent pages. .. o_0
Nice fight scene on average how long do pages take to make?
Huh? I see Kc is doing a Geonothecheetah style
@Retromike: Don't defend me i hate you I dont get it...
@kcspice: Oh the paint program? What is it?
Wow what program?
This would be hilarious
@Grammar Nazis: Also eat dick i hate u
@poopfacelicker: The day u get banned will be the greatest day ever
Aqua jet! Or possibly surf
I hope Grovyle can handle it!