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ok... my name's Becca.

I created The New Marauders because of a combination of boredom, insanity, the fact that half the stuff in it would probably happen to us, and... i just wanted to make a webcomic.

if u like it, rate/fave it. and try to link back to it if you know how. :D
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also, i'm sorry it's so hard to read TT.TT

since i did this one, i started handwriting the text, so it's understandable... ^^;
Miss Claws, i thank you for having such a wonderously fucked mind XD
(Miss Patches here)
Nobody that likes Harry Potter can burn in geek hell, Claws! Harry Potter is the savior of geekdom, and shall redeem us all... except for the jackasses at the book releases that showed up with a megaphone, yelling "*spoiler* gets killed by *spoiler*!!!" there's no hope for those guys. they shall truly be the ones to burn.... muahahahahahahaaa.....
XD love it!
i wish Mr. Weight would pay a visit to some of the pages... XD
LOVE the last panel!
with that, i fave this ^.^
yes... Miss Jidders loves her Snapey...

a bit of the side is cut off, because the paper i was using is larger than the space i have on my scannner, buut nothing important was lost, so... meh.
yes, yes...
i was never meant to be a Beater... ^^;

i tried to do a bit of digital shading on it, but got bored of it quickly. XD

although, i like how it makes the comic look, so i'll probably try to have the patience to do some more digital stuff in the future...
ok, i was gonna wait till later to post this one, because i have a couple things for Sirius... not being dead, and a few for remus that were supposed to go before this...
but i don't do things in order. :D


me: hey, moony! Padfoot! i need some help... i'm trying to draw a pic of you two, but i can't figure out the pose... will you help?

remus: sure, becca. what do you need us to do?

me: ....hehehe...


yeah, so i colored it. don't really get used to this... ^^;

also, the weird blob in my hands is a camera O.o

and when i get the ones that go before this one done, i'm gonna go back and fix the order of them, ok?
XD that is the greatest!!!
well, i've been doing it wrong then...
XD cool. faved it just now.

you should go check out my HP comic, The New Marauders.... ((yay, shameless self-promotion!)) XD
yeah... bad art, i know ^^;
the name tag on Pluto was originally gonna say "Hello, my name is: Pluto" but... to be honest, i spaced while i was inking it, and only wrote pluto... sorry!
god, Nova...
shut up about the god-fucking-damned x-men or i will avada kedavra you, i swear!

yes, both dumbledore AND sirius shall live forevermore!!!

and on a side note:
i am an official shipper of snape/lily and remus/sirius(OTP) **i have a few comics on these pairings coming soon, btw...**

<img src="" border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket">
the title of this particular one of the comics came from a Snupin fanfiction, of all places XD
this is how it *really* starts...
this was the comic that spawnrd the new marauders. i drew this one day, showed it to the other girls, and we started giving each other ideas, until i had over 50 ideas scribbled down...
please forgive the fact that it is slanted at a 45* angle...
love the joke, hate the pictures in it.....

aside from the last 2 panels, i want to burn it...
Sev always just seemed like the 'allergic to children' type to me... XD

so, yeah, that's Kori, my baby sister, annoying Snape up there.
I wuvv my sister!
this is where that 'innapropriate humor' i mentioned comes into play... :D