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Yo, what up.

I'm y'know.


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I don't know why, but every time another runner starts coming up the trail I start racing about how this interaction is going to play out.

Do I smile and say "hey!"

Do I just wave!?

Do I I just nod!?

I don't know but the moment passes by the time I can think about it so I end up doing something from this list.
Enter thy kingdom
So, about every month at some point I really want to learn how to play dungeons and dragons, and because of my friends probably end up being DM which is fine with me.

something this also brings on, is that I have not enough nerd boardgame friends.

but anyway, everytime I open up a manual I get completely overwhelmed and close it up until I once again try to pry open the treasure chest of dragons and delve into it's many mysteries and secrets.

also haven't posted in a while due to being lazy and working on a more serious web comic.
Evil Astrid
my girlfriend, Alexis, got a new app that is basically a task manager and it's this cute octopus, and it has a personality but it does this thing where if you ignore a certain number of calls it goes

"oh so you want to ignore them? Let's do it together!"

We thought it was hilllllarious.

sorry this is so late (mostly talking to myself here) I have another page ready to go soon and I'll get that up soon, but I hope you all enjoy!
Joining the graphics department
Man, 4th-ish page and I'm already late with updates.

I messed many thing up and I drew things, let's all laugh and live with it though.

Next page! Next Time! See you there!!!!

also, this page is about something I've wanted to do in another comic anyway, it's about graphic designers and stuff.

This is the third page. Getting better, learning the ropes... let's see if I can get any better making a comic throughout life.

Ya art is so goooooood. I love it.
The wonderful world of OZ
dis is the second lazy page before I get serious. Hopefully.

After this, quality will rise 10 fold!


OH also, I went to go see the powerful great oz, this is my review after seeing it. This comic page. It sums up what I saw. Seriously go youtube up the nvidia graphic demos, fantasy world, looks just like OZ
Haylo, I'm making the first page, and this next page, my lazy pages so I can have something up here, because I feel bad having these two little pages and not putting them anywhere. I will work very hard to entertain you from here on out. After this next page as well... Then I'll get serious.