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okay so I have to say that I need a schedule for my uploads! I'm announcing it now that every Wednesday will be my upload day <3 I would like to do three pages per upload but I have a job interview coming up (wish on stars that I get the job pls I need money) and so I will be for sure posting two pages AT LEAST every week on Wednesday!

Much love - Ray a.k.a. the author ;-)
@I♡Sunako!! :):
Haha, yeaaaah - she's easy to not like
Sorry guys! A storm came through my town and I didn't have power for nearly 36 hours! It was miserable while in the heat of summer :[ But my power has been restored and now we're back in action :) Thanks for being patient with me
I love everything about this chapter. There's Brian and his confession and now ... the title. TuT it's too much perfect in such a short time frame /u\ much love
also Stacey is SHOOK rn 😂
Playing around with some color finally! still lacking background ... but that's alright I can work on that! Not sure if all of the pages will be in color or if you guys even like the color! (Sorry if you don't) but let's just have fun :)
here are the babes in action, playing some 🎶video games🎶
thanks for reading this. When I first started this comic (my first post) I was too nervous to actually put effort into it. I was afraid that if this comic failed after I put my heart and soul into it, that I wouldn't have the guts to keep perusing my dream of making comics.(It's sad I know) ANYWHO with that being said, I created this comic on a whim. I was listening to All Time Low and it's the reason for this being named Oh, Calamity! Now that I want to start taking this comic more seriously I think that now is as good of time as any to change the things that I dislike. The title being Oh, Calamity! doesn't fit this comic. I've had the idea for the actual comic name stuck in my head for a while, but never trusted it or myself enough to try it out ... before now. I really hope you guys understand why I changed the comic name, it simply didn't fit, but this new name does. Thanks
for taking your time to read this rant about my comic and adding it to your favorites. It honestly means the world to me. Hope you like the new title!!! 😘😘❤❤❤
I kinda like this style but lets see how it plays out hahaha .... ha 🙂
the fun begins ^3^
Let the games .... BEGIN!!!!! thanks for the favorites also guys, means the world to me! ❤❤❤
Crushes are hard sometimes lol
poor Maggie
Poor Maggie, she's barking up the wrong tree :(
new style
So if you were kind enough to read the disclaimer on the previous page then I'm incredibly thankful. If you didn't then just to let you know this comic is for fun and I plan on developing better story planning and art style. So hint the sudden change. Without further ado though ... meet my babes ;)
let the games begin
thank you for this comic!
OH MY GOODNESS!!! I was really hoping that I wouldn't stumble across the last page when I began reading this comic. Its so good I didn't want to have to wait. Keep up the good work though 😊 your art style is so cute and cool and your story is unfolding so beautifully! I'm a fan 👍
New Reader
Seriously, the art captured my eye but the story keeps my attention! I love everything about this story and the characters and their personalities. I love the art and the inking and it's just UGH TuT it's beautiful <3
Less than Three
Is it bad that I'm getting tears in my eyes from this comics update????? .... Oh well, I have no shame in admitting that I have an addiction to this comic <3 Glad to see your back as well! We missed you!!!!!!
Still Excited
Even though this comic is finished I can honestly say I'm still glad I've found it as I have loved every page of it. I love your art style and your humor as it's unique and beautiful all at the same time. I will be reading your other comics too (as if it wasn't obvious enough c:) and I can't wait to see more of your awesome sauce style!
I'm loving this!
I just found your comic and I regret not finding it faster! I seriously love everything about this story and I truly enjoy reading it. Thank you so much for creating this wonderful comic! <3 Keep up the FANTASTIC work! Btw I favorited
Can't freaking wait!
I am so flabbergasted right now and am so curious about their relationship now or at least how they know eachother!!