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@rukiaprincess: Thank you so much~! :D That means so much coming from you~!
November 20th, 2012
Page three, I know the toning looks... horrible. It does get better further down the line. I promise.

page 3/14
November 20th, 2012
@SIDEPROJECT: Thank you so much~! She was so much fun to draw~!
November 11th, 2012
I'm not shipping them at all but I do know where she's coming from. I can remember doing that night after night, day after day once upon a time because of a partner. Its hard.

That being said they're obviously not right for each other so he should just leave her alone~
November 11th, 2012
I know the toning on this page sucks, it improves by page 4, I promise C:

I'm still learning how to tone/colour on the computer.
November 10th, 2012
Page one, markered for your viewing pleasure~!

Please enjoy, just a heads up this story is super cheesy and very short~!
So cute!

I love all their dresses. <3

This is so exciting, and don't worry grandma, none of the boys asked her but she has much better company waiting~
I like that while deciding if its worth it to put herself in danger, her thoughts turn to Lily. So Cute~
Pink string? of course its pink if its on Ainsley's end tooooooo =D
D: I don't like her.

Does she have some sort of redeeming quality? She seems an awful lot like she's just trying to stick with the only other rii there. Though that rii is undoubtedly hot.

I love your art style. Geez all of your people are so pretty and amazing looking!
Yay canada!

Murrrr~ I love this comic. Its so cute! And fuuuuuuull of lovely fluff!
Yup, I jumped right into the story, no mucking about this time!
Okay. Nothing, I mean nothing, can make up for my disappearance. Now, I was dealing with a lot of things, like depression, school, step family moving in, a funeral and a few other things. Among those things I was just really hating how I Bruise Easily was turning out. So the author and I sat down and revamped it, and revamped it, until I got something that I actually wanted to draw and he actually wanted to write.

Now, of this new update there will be comic pages going up until the 18th. They go up on Wednesdays and Saturdays (I can promise that there will be pages till the 18th and beyond because I've already uploaded them on here) This story takes place in present time, and this is a combination of the first IBE story, the last one and the one that we were going to do after the original conclusion of the story. I'm sorry. I'm very very sorry.

I hope that you enjoy this glimpse at what the world after the first adventure becomes. (there will be references to old Terra Rose and Beverly in here!)

I'm so glad to see an update! I really love this story~~~
To be honest your depiction of regular Natalie's fashion sense inspired my most recent outfit for one of my characters. I love this story!
lol he was, and also, he was after Terra Rose, not Beverly. But we hated Tim (me and the author) so we axed him and brought Beverly's ex girlfriend to the front to be a main character. But in this version, she's not an ex, she's beverly's current gal.
Sorry about the hand lettering and the crappy levels, at the time I didn't have access to photoshop, though this is on my list of things to do when finishing up page 7.
Um... I have a good reason for the absence....
Okay, I don't really. These past 3 pages have been just sitting on my computer. I totally just forgot to upload them here, and I'm really very sorry about that. It won't happen again. There will be another update next week, even though my markers are slowly dying, I promise. I'm working on it as of this moment.

Also, I love you all for sticking around. To prove that, look at the difference between this page and page 5 of the original (where the princess was introduced before). I really tried my best on the background with the spirally decoration pillars, and the hanging lights and stuff. I don't like this dress as much as her original, but its late fall in their world and she dressed for the occasion. Also the curls in Terra Rose's hair are the latest fashion at court, they won't last once she's on the road.
Go Bo! beat your sister to the Ram. Even though Mary is so cute, I still wants Bo to win. They really should have sexy times on that table right now, because Welsher's wife is a sleeze bag and we all know that the Queen Ainsley, won;t mind that man on man action. lol