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kitsune fire
Hey I haven't updated this in years so I guess I'm doing it now (12/1/13)~

I'm a young artist who likes to dabble in comic making but I never get things finished cause I suck at making comics ;w; haha
I really like music too and play several instruments and hope to always keep studying~
Another of my big hobbies is video games so yeah if you like games too I wouldn't mind talking about stuff :D.

I'm more active on my Deviantart, Youtube, and Tumblr when it comes to keeping in contact or posting stuff so I'd like it if you'd check me out in those places
This is a big mood except for the fact that I'll still go for it and then immediately pass out.

Also hi I've been looking at old Sasha Francis art and boy howdy did I miss you ;w;
Tfw I joined then got dragged around by my family so I could barely work.

Anyway Libra being a god is immortal, she's also technically modeled after a chimera. So she wants to be something water born.
@Bringer_of_light: God I haven't sprited in years, I gotta go dust off them author sprites.
So hey I'm back, and I'm dusting off my comic skills. Why did I choose Libra for this and why did I color it I cry she is so complicated _(:'3

Anyway This is Libra she's the deity of one of my story universes.
That makes me wonder if I should make an effort to even come back =w=
What the funky fresh hell, I thought SAZ was dead XD
Hi my name is Caius and I won't let this collab die because I'm stubborn but also a procrastinating fuckboy.

It's also 6am where I live what am I doing up drawing :'D
@Fawningoverfauns: *Edith in the distance screeching*
How did I miss this gay shit >:O omg
Uploading this page for Fawn who can't get into her old account.
Hey I live I'm sorry it's my turn to update like every story and I drop off the face of the earth (college lol)
I was rereading because nostalgia and I was like "Caius you asshole draw something" so I did.
This extremely last minute and I know and I apologize but could I be put on the exceptions list I thought I had more time to update but I didn't. I would today but I have too much schoolwork 'w'
Thanks ^w^ though my next update will be better since I finally got back into the swing of drawing them UwU
I tried but no matter how many times I redrew this update it looked like crap =o= I have lost my touch in drawing these two.

Anyway GG is eternally grateful to friends and family and Tocking is just like "I saved the day once it was cool and nice"
This update is really amazing :3
@Chokolatte: Thanks UwU I try to make characters relatable, I mostly end up pulling little tidbits and traits from myself to put in them.
@Cute2KnowU: :Y I doubt anyone's updates will be the worst don't put yourself down so much UwU

And that's hypocritical coming from me but XD I mostly just didn't like this update simple as that.
@ellenmagi: :O Everything can be fixed with cake
@Cute2KnowU: It's mostly my fault it's been dead people have been waiting on me XD
But thank you so much I felt kinda bad about this update cause it didn't come out exactly how I wanted it to. I'm glad you like it.