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Jesus I need to get on a schedule.

DeviantART Page
Good god, sorry that took so long!

Hopefully you like the new colors, because I am using these. It looks a lot nicer in my eyes.

DeviantART Page

Sorry this took so long; backgrounds are impossible and it's finals week. Hopefully I can be somewhat consistent next week!

DeviantAR T Page
Well. That's not something you see every day.
I mean, technically he did give him more lead, but I don't think that's gonna fit in a pencil...

DeviantART Page
It's actually really adorable how excited Peach gets when she hears about monsters. I'll bet she'll end up a kick-ass warrior princess in due time!
And suddenly everything is bright and purple-y?

deviantart page
Tried something a bit different with the shading. Might not be obviously noticable, but I prefer it

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Walk into the club like "Yo I'm not hilarious at all why do I keep doing this." The bartender gives me free milk and starts complaining about his job.
In screenwriting class, one of my friends went on Facebook and a vine of a man giving birth played at full volume.

It was glorious.
I love the song, but his voice constantly vibrating gets annoying after a while.
Whenever I stare at a small screen for more than thirty minutes, the instant I get off I feel like my eyes are permanently cross-eyed for the rest of the day.
When you're in California, you're so used to everything heating up later, even when it's cold. Like, if you decide to wear a heavy jacket in the morning, you'll get too hot within an hour. It gets to the point where we just wear flip-flops and broad shorts everywhere.
I looked at a bunch of my old art and all of the characters I drew had really bad backs. Like, they were all hunching forward uncomfortably. Also, all of their heads were parallelograms. Paralellograms.
My face actually is that flexible. It's great.
Introducing that asian guy!

EDIT: Changed the settings on the site so that people without smackjeeves accounts can rate comics. Don't really know why it wasn't an option before!

D eviantART Page
Backgrounds are difficult

EDIT: So are trees.

So funny story! I accidentally made this page an inch too big, and I had to manually move everything so that it fits into the 7x10 inches that I'm making the standard for my pages. And that was fucking hard. Not even gonna lie.

DeviantART page
Hopefully the water effect looks good. Took a while to get that right.

Here's the new chapter restart! As you can see, they actually have powers.

Not too sure where I'm supposed to put the original chapters...any suggestions?

EDIT: All of the old pages have been moved to a custom page, "Beta Chapter!" It can be found near the navigation.

DeviantART page
He knows how to get it done.
Aww, these two are adorable! In a sexy criminal kind of way. Can't wait to see more of their antics!