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My name is Elizabeth, but my friends call me Izzy. I'm not really good at describing myself, but here I go. Sorry if anything is spelled wrong I can't spell to save my life.
I dislike people who are REALLY uptight, purposefully being ignorant, or mean.I don't like rudeness, know-it-alls, being late,and being sick. I really, really abhor hostess snack cakes.
I like food of all kinds, most candy, music, books, tea hot or iced, manga, pudding, anime, hanging out with friends, pocky, and pottery. I love old movies, especially tacky old horror films, and lots of popcorn without the butter. I like reading, mostly manga and Fantasy(like Tolkien),an taking long walks in the woods.

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I love the Cover... oh last page Bram= douche... just like he said. I can't wait for the next