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lol... weird king-like man in a room, and they have questions about fridge logic. XD
@Stormie: Naw, would be funnier if she doesn't know what it is. Right now, to her, it's just a thing to contain the sick that she feels. XD
@Blazen: Ever see Stargate? Remember those laser-shooting staffs they had? It was something like that.

As an aside, if those staffs ARE magic, I'm going to laugh my butt off. You royal-guys, uh, use magic, but say that you need to kill magic users... uh, huh; I'm going to go and stand over here for when people start rebelling flat-out... Ya'll have fun with that. XD
Yeah, pretty much all insects are evil. Just smush them all. >:P
@Psychikos: Heavens, no. Everything is going to be perfect forever. :3
I don't... see anything wrong with this comic. Kilo's reactions are understandable: by now, we understand that he has been made fun of... profusely... and probably knows what it's like to beat the crap out of someone and not feel better from it. It's called characterization, Mekal. And it's been going on for the past 60 pages... You don't always flat out tell someone about a character... you show through actions and reactions. ^^;

And Todd... well, Todd I hope we get more into after this page. Because he really just seems like a soldier with only semi-flat features.

The pages in the subway station were a little cluttered (a few blocks of black might help), but that's about it.
Wow, Junon. Good job. Cald WAS going to be all cooperative and stick with ya'll, but at this point, I'd probably hang back again. On purpose. Have fun being mauled, ass. >:P

Also, some people work better when other people don't breathing down their throat. True fax. ;3

(Man, THIS is getting ready to come to a head... Good writing. :3 )
HealBoy has his point, but that doesn't keep him from being just one side of a situation. You got away, you all made it, You found each other. I don't think he'll wander off again, kay, HealBoy? Oi, so srs about things that came out alright... >:P
Okay, first order of business... *squees at the adorable decoy*

Second order... What on earth did you do to get such a big bang, Caldy? Might want to invest in smaller bottles, ya? ^^;
C'mon, people. You know that the morning is the best time to go digging for gold... ... ... or is that just me? >.>;
I imagine they insulted a king or something? With, you know, logic and such.
Wow, Kilo can't get a syllable in. Yeah, this war-thing is kinda serious. :/
@ditto08: I was just thinking the same. No way I'd mentally hold together in a dungeon IRL. :S
OKAY, done reading!

This comic is like... Rainbow Brite + the real world. Just this delightful mix of rainbows, cuss-words, and bishie-boys.

I approve more than I approve anything in my entire life. *w*
omg, he's Purge... From Space Channel 5 Part 2. He's TOTALLY Purge!

You need to make him do some pelvic thrusting at some point... XD
Hehehe... even his pet is shocked. XB
Haha... I love the bottom half of the page. Lots of flow. Plus, it's a set up for the further mischief that is bound to happen. >:3
@Quin: That was my guess, but I don't think Slimes can be reasoned with. They're just kind of hungry and want to absorb your fleshy nutrients. :B


You know, I kinda want to know what the bug up Junon's butt actually is. Parents? Teacher? Experience? What makes the Grinch so grinchy, as The Cat in The Hat might say... :/

And Grey... oi, he's just too great. I don't know what it is, but that look makes me giggle. :P
... Nop, can't see it, too lazy to figure it out. :P

Hehehe... She freakin' out, man! :D