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An autistic who's a fan of sprite comics, sprite movies, games with sprites, old stuff, and (somehow) creepypastas. Currently I'm in high school and learning Flash. I'm an awesome video editor and I'm available for voice acting and making guest comics (as long as you don't have due dates for them). Did I mention I'm also a Whovian? Be sure to follow me on Twitter, Tumblr, deviantART, Newgrounds, and YouTube using the links at the link.
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    Hunter Graham
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omg blinding light
6 years later...

I can't see the comic.
wut da fu.

carly rae?

oh and endtable?

I can't help but laugh at the whole "ritual of blood" panel it's so funny
5 years later

can't see-- *shot*
5 years later

can't see image bleh
6 years later

*cue SatAM main orchestral theme*
5 years later....

Now we've gone from "can't see comic" to "can't even read it"
6 years later...

omg power ring
5 years... you get the point.

Can't see image.
Last comic, couldn't see image.

This comic, can't see image.

I'm being as nice as I can here.

I miss being able to see every comic.
It's New year's day 2014 I can't see the comic.

4 years after last comment...

I can't see comic.
5 years later...

I cannot see it.
5 years-- oh screw it you know what I mean

I can't see it
5 years later...

*Sonic voice* We're waiting....
6 years later

mmm chili dog
6 years later!

OMG Nack again
6 years lata!!...

OMG Nack