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I'm just a 'normal' girl who likes to draw.
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' 3 '
Been a while since I made comics like this xD.

What me and my guild do all day 8D.
More like add salt to the wound D:
Sailor Moon looks great in your style can't wait for more!
June 12th, 2013
Awww ;A;
How cute he wanted to eat with her <3

Gah. I want more * ^ *!
Made a comic~!
This will update daily where as this one updates whenever I feel like something worthy should be put up. Please go check it out 8D
Haha it's alright I had this since I was little! Thank for your concern glad I could keep the laugh in the situation ;w;b
I couldnt deal...
My boyfriend's face was so sad when the guy called us ladies.
I had a laugh attack when we got home >.>..;;

--Also I'm back ;w;b
Oh pheww I was worried for nothing ;3;
Grats on 50 fans!
@Reiri Tsusaki:

Thanks so much ;3;
Yeah that comment made me like... do a double take >.>;;
I'm sick...
I'm sick but not sick enough to stay away from smackjeeves and the internet.
I coughed some blood. Which is actually not uncommon for me anymore;; It's only ever a small amount but meh.
Thanks for 14 fans GUISE OMG ;A;

*lays down happily*
May 29th, 2013
I love how she said ''Please take care of me''
So cute ;3;
The feels!
omg omg omg YESSSS
LOL ABBY. She's so cute xD
LOL THE JOKE. I love Regina ;A; <33
and amg he's sooo sweet ;7;
O.O the suspense ;A;
Awweh I feel bad for Victoria ;A;
I wonder what happened >.<