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This comic makes me want to punch them but in a good way(???)
as a dyslexic, this dragon text is hella hard to read
I'm sad to see you go, but i hope everything works out for you, and you find the happiest path for yourself. if you stay in richmond, may be i'll see you one day, completely not recognize you and pass by, hahaha

I honestly wish i had met you so i could be a part of your life in some way (maybe thats going to far, but) this comic has always meant alot to me and even if i didnt always comment, i read and treasured every pannel. I guess my point is that i'm throwing alot of love your way, and i'll miss you.
October 5th, 2015
Your art has improved :)
looking forward to more
@daviddoesntgetit: babies look super weird for a little while haha. they'll be cute around 3 months?
wait didn't he just take a shower???
@daviddoesntgetit: unrelated but, I was in Richmond and I didn't See you, I'm disappointed ha ha. Also, the weather was awful the Whole day.
Have i ever mentioned how much i love this comic?
i love this comic
i'm glad you are updating again!
my mom made stew every day for 3 months.
now the smell makes me nauseous.
I agree with brad. American food is awful
Ahhh i've always wanted to go but it's a difficult time to get my friends together to do it with me...
maybe i'll go by myself next year haha ><
D: But- but borderlands is so fun....why?

Also like dude, he's got to know what he's saying is messed up right? like how can you say that and think it's chill
i dont understand
oh man i need a friend like him haha

there's no one i can ask to get a Cintiq for me ><
damn it
i always wanted to do a daily comic but its really hard for me to remember to do stuff haha
There's always stuff going on in richmond though. my sister just went to this Found Footage thing and some festival idk
she's real hipster so she does all the odd things around town lol
i was going to visit but i'm going to visit my friends at uva instead haha i missed my chance to stalk you ><
I have a bottle too haha
i also have rice paper wraps and oyster sauce
benefits of a vietnamese best friend hahaha :>
hahaha thats so cute
my background is always my dog ><
I'm the same though haha
every 2 0r 3 or 4 months
it's probably stress in my case

also hi i haven't commented in awhile
Bl dating sims lol

It must have been pretty loud haha
i know when i get together with my friends it's ridiculously loud.
@daviddoesntgetit: hahahaha this happens to you guys a lot.
i missed so many updates, whoops.

I'll just talk about all the ones i missed in this one post haha

Brads so cute :3 did he go to the wedding?
2. all siblings fight man, it's in our nature (i cant imagine going into business with any of my family haha)
3. i don't think I've ever heard an northern Vietnamese accent, i wonder if i would be able to tell the difference.(i don't know any Vietnamese except for my friend's Vietnamese name)