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Welcome to the first page of "Toddy," my newest comic!
This is the first page of my new comic! I hope you all enjoy it, and let me know what you think of it!
Adventures in the Prog Realm is a weird, wondrous comic all about a land based on progressive rock music.
Part 4 is coming soon!
Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends!
It's Part 4 of Adventures in the Prog Realm! This part is kind of a continuation of Amarok, since the wondrous progs have not defeated the evil goat-man yet. Let's see what happens...
This is the last page of Prog Realm Part 3!
Part 4 will be coming soon!
I think this porcupine is the best character I've ever created.
Will Singring, Geddy, Kazzy, and Mika be able to defeat the evil Amarok and save the Prog Realm from being destroyed? Find out in part 3 of Adventures in the Prog Realm!
Part 3!
This is the cover for Adventures in the Prog Realm part 3!
@SketchLines: I'm glad you like it! I'm working on some new pages right now, so they'll be coming soon!
@GOMI: I'm glad you like it! A new comic will be coming soon :)
This is a drawing of Gabriel and a friend he's going to meet in a future comic that will be coming soon!
What is the mutton chops guy doing?
I'm really excited to be starting on this part of the comic. I think it's my favorite part of it so far! This is the beginning of the prologue for part 2. It takes place a few months before part 1.
This comic is about Singring, Geddy, Kazzy, and Mika, who are four adventurers going to places across the magical Prog Realm.

Part 2 coming soon!
This was the last page of Part 1 of Adventures in the Prog Realm! Part 2 is coming soon!
Oh no! Not the mustard!
This comic makes no sense but I love it!