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August 2nd, 2019
@Quatral: Imagine being licked by a giant flower... His tongue is wondrous
Chapter Two of Toddy is coming soon!
Read it here:
June 24th, 2019
Welcome to Chapter Two of Toddy! New pages should be uploaded soon
May 16th, 2019
It's been a while since I updated this comic, I got really busy with school and things like that. So now I should be updating more regularly.
February 4th, 2019
@NitroBro12: Hey! I've been doing ok, still working on this comic obviously, and working on ideas for another one! Which is also about flower people :D
December 27th, 2018
Welcome to Page 10! I'm going to try and start updating regularly again :)
I drew this one, glad you liked it!
I love this so much! That’s totally something todd would do. Thanks Santa!!!
Hey! Just wanted to upload this to let you all know that I didn't abandon this comic or anything. I've just been really busy with school and stuff, but I'm hoping to get back into doing regular updates soon.
Internet is the best character
Instead of a normal page this week, I decided to make a little introduction for the Flower Council members.

A comic about flower-people and other wondrous things. Updates on Fridays.
September 14th, 2018
It's the flower realm! This is the first page to take place on the flower planet
Toddy is a comic about a man named Toddy and his strange friend, Todd the flower. They go on all kinds of adventures together, and some crazy things happen.
Welcome to the first page of "Toddy," my newest comic!
This is the first page of my new comic! I hope you all enjoy it, and let me know what you think of it!
Adventures in the Prog Realm is a weird, wondrous comic all about a land based on progressive rock music.
Part 4 is coming soon!
Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends!
It's Part 4 of Adventures in the Prog Realm! This part is kind of a continuation of Amarok, since the wondrous progs have not defeated the evil goat-man yet. Let's see what happens...
This is the last page of Prog Realm Part 3!
Part 4 will be coming soon!