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I love to write! Basically centered around pokémon stuff. Find me at the same name, Amy47101, at fanfiction!
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So George and Atticus switched clothes. George is in Atticus's jumper and Atticus is in Georges sweatshirt.

Ugh, I'm shameless, but I've shipped them since I saw them on the cover of the comic. And I'm hoping by reading this chapter I can get a visualization on how this switcharoo ended up. And I hope, further on, the ship can set sail.

If not, I can always hope. This is fantastic, by the way. I love the darker undertones and the uniqueness of all the characters. It's like they each have their own lives, and not like silly little stand ins who are there for a one-chapter appearance. Since I loved the first gym leader and his girlfriend, I can't wait for this chapter.
So maybe I'm just nuts, but ever since I saw the cover of this chapter, looking at Thad, this thought popped into my head: This guys hair is vaguely familiar of a certain arrogant rival. A certain arrogant rival who, in this story, disappeared roughly ten years ago.

And also, this certain arrogant rival has a big sister, doesn't he?

Now I don't know why they would join Team Rocket, but this isn't exactly the world of pokemon, is it? My theory as of now is that Thad and Trix are actually Gary and Daisy Oak.
January 28th, 2016
@Ezeekat: Erika. I look the most like her, so...
January 23rd, 2016
Imagine if her parents walked in at this exact moment.
January 23rd, 2016
I'll bet Lee knows somethings up, and he's pissed off because everyone else is throwing themselves into danger. He's psychic after all, so maybe... the teachers aren't even real?
January 23rd, 2016
@Bellar: Maybe he can feel a small bit of discomfort. And since he's not used to feeling pain, maybe this is how he reacts to discomfort. Or maybe how he psychologically reacts to being smacked. Who knows?
January 23rd, 2016
I still squeal on this page, even on my fourth read-through of this.
He's a werewolf. XD
I don't trust him as far as I can throw him.
I still don't trust him.

Whelp, yeah. Where's this guys cane? I need to, you know, beat him senseless with it and see if he responds with 'ouch.'.
Cue awkward silence!
I... honestly don't want her alone with him. He's creeping me out.
Pimp cane, awesome suit, goatee, narrow eyes, dark hair covering one eye, and greeting with 'good evening'?

Yep, this guy has villain written all over him.
Like hell I'm going to let him take my son.
Me no understand what going on.
@troblsomtwins829: Probably to hurt her as much as possible. Gotta get attached to the kid first before you go and steal him away from his mother.
Never a good thing!
Because we all know that ominous purple sparkles are never just pixie dust!
Whoever could it be?
How would i know? I'ma just a commenter. ^.^
Oh, Izzi.