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*From the dead*
Sorry. My computer broke and then I kinda just forgot about SmackJeeves alltogether. Anyway, before I died I was already planning to make a final page where Ian wins.

Imma go die now. (again)
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@Nirvana star: Well, as long as you're optimistic noone can stop you, so good luck with this one. :)
Why did you said "Season 1: Indigo League"? I don't think you will get past first 16 episodes if it will be like your other comics.

But otherwise this page made me cringe so you got my sub C: .
@Elemental Kirby: He ain't gonna make it. Probably right before he's about to hit him he disappears or Searchman lands a hit on him.
Oh god not "Ignorance is bliss"... It's just weird...
@Elemental Kirby: Trust me, there's still a lot of time...
@Shadow_Da_Hedgie: ...and when you delete other Net Navi you can find their copies scattered all over Net.

But true. They should make copies of Net Navis before fights. I know they wouldn't probably be same navi but at least you won't be stuck with Regulars.
@slaybay: same. Bass is more badass.
I get the feeling of deja vu
I did it. Now I shall rest on my chair and watch more SU or SP
@Nashew: That's because Phoenix can't do them any harm. Physical nor mental (unless ears popping every time he yells OBJECTION!/HOLD IT!/TAKE THAT/NOT S-oops wrong game.)
@Super Bluey: AA games rarely have motives for "murderers" that we defend and when there is a motive it's:
a) 80% times - very farfetched
b) 15% times - 1/2 of prosecution case against defendant
c) 5% of times - legit good motive
@Shadow_Da_Hedgie: yeah. at least you can try to reason with Bass. Serenade won't pass up a chance to delete Bass because Mr.Douchbag there told him to. And you know Cossack won't listen
@Brawlitup99: My comic will be delayed because of my stupidness :)

(Spent all day watching SU and playing LoL XD)
@bluefiredragon: huh. I legimetly forgot about this comic XD

I'll try to post on next Monday top
Fun facts!:

Fact #1: This comic was made on Friday but I accidently saved over wrong layer while trying to add something I forgot so the page ended up beeing a blank.

Fact #2: The concept of this page was a joke in where Crash say that his back broke and he can no longer fight. I decided to change that because the fight would be too short.

Fact #3: Crash's bio was updeted two weeks ago in which it said about the laser.

Fact #4: Yellow Devil is my favorite boss in any (Original) Megaman game
@Punchy: Your only weakness except waffels! O_O
@Napo, Unlaunched Cannon: I'm preety sure she would notice the tiara since it was her objective in the first place. Also, she's coldhearted murderer. Preeeety sure she already killed bunch of women in her past.
Well, how about a chip that Aquaman doesn't have to use?

But Shadowman is already too close to Aquaman so it'll probably not work. At least he tried Until The Very End.