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Girl In RandomLand
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Daaaaaaaaaannnnnnggggg... Things just got intense..... ._.
Are you?!?!??
Are you still continuing? Please tell me if you are. My friends kept telling me your never going to continue. R u? Tellllllllllll mmmmmmeeeeeeeeee! ;_;
Oh my god. This is so good! And Eric is HAWT!

Agh. I literally cried when her father died. I never have cried about a guy I never met. But, he looked awesome. I looked like her mother. I was bawling. XD
Oh Hades. This can't be good.

Man this is great! I love how there's color instead of a dull black and white. This is epic. It reminds me of this movie... What was it????
Whoooooaaaa. He had freakin long hair. XD but he's still adorable.

Man. Sometimes I wish I could pop in a movie of tv show and change or stand up for a person and stuff.

Please update soon!
DRAMA BOMB!!!!!!!!!! 😱
Lovin it
Man. I love this soooooooooo much.
Eh? Hiro, I... Gahhhhhhh.... I have no words for you Hiro.
This is adorable.