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So happy to see this update again! =u= yeaaaah!
I remember having a roommate who'd do the same thing. Poor Tweety.
Akira looks mighty uncomfortable. xD Or more like the ambushed him and he's surprised.
May 25th, 2015
Happy birthday!

Also third panel is great. xD
I know it's Rago but my mind keeps saying Ragu, like the pasta sauce. xD; Sorry but he looks really cute on this page! :D
A world in which coffee is illegal is not a world I'd wanna live in. xD That officer likes walks on the beach though so it can't be all bad.
November 9th, 2014
Wee update! :D

I could imagine it's a lot easier not to have close relationships. Trusting people can be hard. >.> Also then he doesn't have to worry about anyone but himself.
Moe's bows are so cute. >w<
September 25th, 2014
xD What a great page.
Aw cute. I like friendship. ~.~ 4th panel is so great.
I really like this one. The expressions are especially nice. :3
College really isn't for everyone. :/ I can attest to that. After 2 years of fumbling around I eventually had a talk with my mom about quitting. Now I just work full time which isn't great but I have no student loans to worry about so I'd say I'm in good shape. >.>;

I'm gonna hazard a guess and say your mom will want you to at least try college before deciding on what you do so I mean stick it out for now. College can yield fun times. :)

Btw this page = <3333
Did you get carried away Yuu? ~3~ Hehehe too cute.
2nd panel cyclops dude has the best face. xD
August 26th, 2014
Like a prince. ~.~ Hehe. Great page.
YEAH! I actually yelled out "WHAT?" when I saw this but it was a good what. xD Eames having to bend over that far. Good God I love it.
Heeeey. Rereading your comic again and thought I should let you know that I deleted my old SJ account (and tumblr) so that's why that link no longer works. ~.~
xD haha too cute.

Akio looks like he's enjoying it maybe just a little.