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Most of the time my team was either Wrex and Garrus or Wrex and Tali...never had any of those problems. Oo
Was it probably fixed with a patch later?
Because I picked ME1 up pretty late together with ME2...
@ Lynneiah: It's a turn based RPG(combat stops as soon as it's your turn), it has no cut scenes and all dialogue has to be confirmed anyway(stops emediately while first sentence is still displayed).
If you don't do anything this game does nothing either. It's really pointless in this case.
@ Deonis: With the machines of this day and age these games don't have much of a loading time at all...but think of the average machine at the time when these games launched, which could be 2-3 years old prior to release date and you may understand the problem.

Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer is special in the sense that the loading times are relatively short...but keep in mind people just keep dropping out, joining the lobby, dropping out etc. and if they decide to stay, they need ages to decide which gun they want to take.

My personal worst offender in this category is Shadowrun Returns.
The loading times would be okay...ish if the game wouldn't look like it runs on my cellphone(in fact it even does, it's available for android Oo).
And I'll probably never understand why you place a confirmation button after each loading screen.
I klicked the buttons to load a game or have continued to the next area and the game has alredy loaded everything at the time the button appears. What is there to confirm? Oo
I won't endure him beeing insufferable 90% of the time just for the 10% where he is half way decent. XD
Maybe it's just the thing, that if he hadn't shown up at all it would have been more or less honorable...but not participating in the battle after everyone else has charged in is just beeing an asshole. Losing the grey wardens and the king meant a gain in power for him, which leads me to the conclusion that he didn't really do this as an act of selflessness.

Probably everyone has a character that he/she just can't stand to have around. For me it's definetely Loghain.^^
Maybe it's just that I can't easily forgive abandoning the ferendan army and the grey wardens.
Probably I'm missing out, but I don't want to spend a playthrough with a character in the party that I just can't stand and that I in 90% of conversations want to punch in the face. XD
I just can't spare him...
It feels really satisfying to cut his head off after all he has been doing during the story to this point...and I just can't see Alistair leave.
I tried it once...then had to load the game again and felt good cutting his head off again. XD
@ Zenat: In Baldur's Gate there was a chance depending on how you specialised your rogue how efficient he was in detecting traps. Since most of us went for lockpicking first...most rogues were bad at detecting traps, because Baldur's Gate had a very low level cap.
Adding to this, that roges had one chance every round(6 seconds) to detect traps and had chances between 30% at low levels and 80% at higher was mostly screwed.
The only way to find most traps in a dungeon was to move every 12-18 seconds for approximately the(very small) distance rogues were able to detect traps.
Sometimes I stood about a minute near a chest because I KNEW there was a trap, but my rogue just didn't find it. Oo
In Baldur'S Gate 2 this was solved because the characters just had higher levels and had every thieving skill at 100% or higher. XD

I saw Mass Effect effectively more as a shooter instead of an RPG...
Although I even give ability commands in Mass Effect as soon as units appear on the battlefield, that aren't just cannon fodder.^^
I allways control my NPCs, because NPC AI for most RPGs can't handle anything properly. XD