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I live and work in Tokyo. I spend all my free time drawing manga and eating ramen.

You can find more of my stuff here:
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September 5th, 2013
@The Orange Cow: Like getting your eyes, ear and nose poked at once.
August 31st, 2013
@Indagold: Don't worry. That's just goop. It doesn't burn.
August 31st, 2013
and at such a young tender age too…
August 8th, 2013
@The Orange Cow: Is it going to work a second time?
@The Orange Cow: I'm not wearing any shoes.
@Guest: Hey, That is witty.. I guess I'm slow...
This is cool. I really like out there imaginative art like this.... You have a lot of stuff... Where should I start? I'm super busy, but I want to check out some of your stuff. What are you the most proud of? Be it a short manga or a chapter in this... I'm looking forward to seeing it.
@The Orange Cow: Hmmm... This is the monster speaking... like... We are both going to start eating and we should start at different places.
Maybe I got to make that clearer...
@Indagold: Wow! thanks for the kind words!
SAnZA! Thanks for the comment. I hope you can get to work on the comic soon.
I don"t know how I got the banner to not be so pixelated. Actually it still looks a little blurry to me. I did it the same way I always have and my banners before were really bad. I use Gimp and shrink an image down to size. Yours doesn't look too bad to me. I think we see our own stuff with a more critical eye. Sorry I can"t be more help...
@The Orange Cow: I hope you like your demons raw!
Thanks for the comments!
@The Orange Cow: What's a Weedle? Can I name it a weedle? please?
Some people gotta learn the hard way...
@AshFisher: That's a little embarrassing... It's fixed now. Thank you.
@The Orange Cow: He's been cuddling up to a couple of slabs of barbecued meat...He smells delicious!
Interesting idea! funny!
Cool first chapter. I'll read the rest tomorrow...
@Black Collar: Thanks! I still have more to learn... always more to learn. You keep up your hard work too!
interesting beginning!
very creative character design!