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I'm 24 years old.I live in St.Thomas Ontario Canada. Writing comic books is my hobby.
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    Aj Watters
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I have decided to change art styles. As much as I love doing the shading like it is, It takes too long, and I would like to finally finish this story so that I may move onto more original concepts.
And I swear you won't have to wait as long for the next few pages!
3 more pages will be out by the end of the week
The First 6 pages are a Prologue.
This comic will be updated 2-3 times a month.
Hope you enjoy the ride.
An extra page for you kiddys to enjoy before then next issue.
Just an extra page. Keep your eyes open for the first Issue. Comming soon.
Big thanks to My good buddy's Matt and Alec, and all the guys on gothic wars.
The final pages will be out in a month.