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Neon Drive
Hey, I'm Charlie!
I aspire to be a comic artist so i decided to start out here, hope it goes well!
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Good ol' bag o' rocks!
@sonics1030: I only counted the ones who were under 1m, clefable isn't on of 'em :p
You can, however find jigglypuff in the grass around mt.moon, it wouldn't be unheard of for them to wander inside, though they are undoubtedly less menacing than the *shiver* clefaries
@the being:
There are 39 pink pokemon
of these 39, approx. 10 could sing
of these 10, 5 could be considered small (under 1 m)
this makes 5 of 718
roughly 0.696% (3 d.p) of all pokemon are "singing little pink things"
You are easily one of my favourite artists, not just 'cause your drawings are so good but the inking really carries your work, the thick outlines especially, I'm definitely gonna keep reading this and rumplestiltskin
Poor hero, she didn't want all this :(
@roemesquita: awesome, good luck, I look forward to reading further pages.
@roemesquita: that's just the thing, I didn't judge it on one page, I've been following the comic for a while and made my judgement over that time.
"your comment was very rude"
No, it wasn't, a negative comment is not necessarily a rude one, my comment was a fair criticism, no profanity and no harsh judgments.
My comment was very fair as I not only pointed out what the problem was but pointed out three recommendations that could help fix it.
"understand that the artist..." No, this is not you as an artist, your art is very good, this is you as a writer and that you need to understand that grammar is a very big role in story telling, as bad grammar makes it hard to understand what the writer is trying to convey or makes it less enjoyable.
Please accept my criticism as criticism and not just some offensive comment, because if you considered my comment rude than you are not fully understanding the point in it.
i'm sorry to say
I used to follow this comic pretty closely and enjoyed it, but it's getting sloppy, not the art nor the story but instead the sheer bad grammar.
at first it was just that the characters started speaking in a robotic way but it has degenerated to
"What a hell?!?"
"you know that us don't need"
"is great having a girl in my journey"
"i will send reply to dad"
all on just this page alone
if your primary language isn't english then i recommend getting a proof reader, learning the language better or just writing in your language. It's sad cause i really enjoyed this comic too.
@Modmad: why do you need a paid subscription for upgraded quality? if it's caus've the file size limit, try uploading it to imageshack and use the link option.
I'd personally be fine with this quality but I can't fully appreciate your art!
thanks for the page!
keepin' it awesome
The dog is the physical manifestation of evil XD
love this page so much, filled to the brim with awesome
loving the narration in this comic, needs a banner though, for people the rule "no pics no clicks" applies