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...I obviously like manga. >.>; I guess you'll know more about me from my favorite ...comics, I guess I'll call them, if you really care that much. *shifty eyes* I can't draw worth a cow, btw.


Eheh. ^-^
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Dude. I love you. This is so awesome.

And it's not creepy that I just told you I love you. Even if I'm a complete stranger. Ahahaha...ha. Yeeah, sorry. I'll go. n_n;
XD I love her face in the, what, fifth panel?
I need...
*nom nom nom*

...and she actually does need pants. Not that the strawberries aren't pretty.
XD He's gunna pounce her.


*hides under covers from sexual-predator-Psyduck*
July 19th, 2007
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Sexuality: ...a lot of "Look at that pretty guy...maybe girl..."

So basically mildly confused. Or just bicurious.
Omg rape! XD

June 14th, 2007
Butthead rapist. :(

I really was starting to think he wasn't so bad, but obviously not. Bad, bad man.
I LOVE the faces in these panels. XD
I can see why he dislikes them.

I feel bad for the girl, they keep calling her a catch and dead body. -.-
I now have the urge to grab random strangers and yell 'ME WANT IT NO00000W!!!!!!!!!!!!'

And walk away calmly. ^-^

Your comics are GORGEOUS.
It''s....IT'S SO CUTE!

*dies of cute-ness overload*