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Halo my name is Lini!
(also known as Kaolinite91 in Tumblr) XD
I am just a newbie in Smack Jeeves.
If you want to know me.. well, I am a hobbyist artist that really love cats.

I uploaded my comics to this website just for fun and because I want to share it with you all. I hope you can enjoy it too. :)

Thank you

PS: English isn't my mother language.. so forgive me if I make
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I am back!
I am sorry for the very long hiatus..
It seems the fans already decreased but for all that still watch me please enjoy :)
New Chapter!
So I am just update the cover of the new chapter..
Sorry I have been hiatus lately.
I need more stamina to draw when I am busy..
I need high spirit to draw when there is nothing to do..
such a dilemma~ lol
@jonasfx: Yeah maybe you right. Now I self-proclaimed as a hobbyist artist too:D.

But sometimes I still jealous with those who brave enough to choose the artist path for their live. Hehehe
Thanks for your comment! XD
Wow you have Doraemon keyring that can change emotions?! That really awesome! XD
This is one of hard choices that I've made in my life.. XD
You know what? I am bit jealous with that random
(I can get money from the motivator!)
wow! thanks for your comment. Maybe this is common thing for all artists? :D
He is coming Mia!
That's part of bookstore
So gloomy~
Started again
Well..I hope I can finished this story this year.
@Mase42sam2: Well, I think I will start to make it again in near future..

This page
the beginning of story start here..XD
The boy
Yeah.. he always like that! XD

It's really fun to playing with his expression.
Come back
Sorry for late submission ;A;
I am just too busy with academic life this few months..

PeL is started again. Enjoy!
@vdtitian: wow..thanks for reading :D
Well, I am trying my best to tell this story. I hope I didn't ruin your XD
About this page
I'm just made the cover for this chapter.
(I hope I'll have a motivation to finished it XD)