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Oh my god XD...Okayy... I'm just thinking what Dylan's mum would think If she would see these pictures XD.
@Guest: That's exactly what I'm thinking!! And I really can't stand this behaviour of Avery. After all it's still all about Callum, though there are other tragic things going on right now, but who cares, right...
Can someone explain to me why everyone likes it so much to see guys in women lingerie xD? And why does Joa want to see Dylan in women lingerie? Or is it some kind of kink or fanservice :'D? Haha.
May 19th, 2017
Oh my god this scenery is gorgeous!! I can't stop looking!! I love your color shemes so much <3!
March 31st, 2017
Awwwww! I love the layout and color of these pages! It's beautiful!! And these two cuties are really adorable <3!
Whaaaaaaat!?!? This is not Richeys fault, right...? Like with the birds...Is she really dead!? *in shock* O_O
I don't know what to say. That scene's pretty fucked up xD And I don't like it and I'm feeling bad for Owen...And I want to know what's wrong with Avery.
Awww I love how gentle and caring Owen treats Avery, I wish Avery would recognize how hard Owen tries to be a good person for him, and I think they would be good for each other in the end. Owen seems to love him ? and always tries to cheer him up and Avery makes him a better person. <3 I'm pretty curious how all of this will work out afterall.
Owen flirts with every gay guy on the table, except the one he recently fucked :D. He isn't even looking at him. What's going on here :D! Owen, STOP! :D
@nirra: Me too :| :D
He's acting so carefully and sweet...Owen is perfect here. I really hope Avery thinks the same way and won't regret this! ;_;
I've been waiting so long for this...And Owen probably as well. Yessssss. XD
I love the way Owen treats him! Cute ;_;!
Awww <3
My favorite page so far XD! Haha. Avery looks so happy to see Owen. And Owen's so happy Avery ditches Hayden. Great :'D!
Oh God...What's happening now :o...!?
Marcel looks stunning, woowww..!!
Owen's sad face really breaks my heart :(. He cares for him so of course he is worried...I don't trust Hayden, I think something bad is going to happen - again xD.
It's weird how relaxed everyone reacts...Is cheating and stealing that common for them xD. But well, he also killed lots of people and is a vampire, so I guess that's okay aswell XD BUT COME HERE, LEMME DRAW YA!! :'D

Enjoy your break, have a good time :)!
@raephium: Hmm, maybe because Callum still fancies Owen? They once had a conversation about that... I'm curious too! And I'm surprised how cold Callum acts, he was always so friendly and warm to everyone.