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Come on...CUDDLE TIME!
Omg he is the one with the girlfriend!?? Nasty! :o
July 10th, 2018
O my god your art improved so much, I'm seriously STUNNED! The color palette is beautiful, I simply LOVE it!! It's so perfect!! ;_;
Did Howie just ask him to go to bed with him....? CUTE.

Maybe Sooch will write something now?
*sobs* Yuichi, you're the best!!
This is SO cute. They are so beautiful drawn, I really like to look at these pages. And I want them to kiss so badly, haha! But I'm trying to be patient! xD Really like the slow burn though! <3
Wow this is nasty...But he's kinda right though isn't he...Glad Yuichi is there for him ;_;!!
June 28th, 2018
I really want to know why, so badly haha! Liam is a jerk but pretty handsome though. (But so are Howie and Sooch aswell. I love all of your characters~!!)
June 23rd, 2018
Beautiful pages, I seriously love it!! <3
This is so cute...I love how the story develops ;_;! Your art is beautiful and I'm so excited what will happen next <3
Well I reeaaally like this chapter, my favorite one so far!! I think it's totally interesting the way you do it. <3 You improved so much, art wise and in narrative, I'm reading this comic since the first pages. I'm a fan!
@Shark: Yeah right? What makes us old? Just our body??
What...This is an april fools, right XD...? Or not? I'm confused XD.
tapas is great :)! I heard webtoon has a really big community but a pretty young and pretty rude one.
Oh my god...This is intense!! Avery ;_;...! I'm scared, what will happen to him?
Hahaha, it's funny because that's exactly what I want to tell Avery aswell right now XD. But it seems like these are Anwen's words, not Richey's...?

As much as I like Owen and think they would be a great match, I don't see that happen somehow...Avery is crazy over Callum and can't forget him, and Callum has probably a good (?) excuse to act this way, so they will probably made up in the end and be together again...Or I'm totally wrong...I'm so excited what'll happen!!
Man I hate Reece so baaaad. And I hate Avery for being so addicted to Callum and mean to Owen who needs support. Hmph! :[ :D
September 13th, 2017
@Guest: They had sex for sure, it's shown in an extra chap in the german version of Crushed! (only for those who bought a physical copy though).
Wow, is Owen really opening up here and finally talks about his feelings and emotions!? I really hope Avery will help him a little bit at this point. He sure can't save him, Owen has to do that by himself, but I guess it could reeeaally help if Avery takes some care of him.

Man, I really like Owen afterall. He was an asshole, more than once, but he's so real and I really like how his character is written. He went through hell, but I think deep down he really can change and be good again. I believe in you Owen :'D!! (and still rooting for OwenXAvery btw haha)
Oh my god XD...Okayy... I'm just thinking what Dylan's mum would think If she would see these pictures XD.