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Coloring this page was a pain, because he's in a complete dark room, except for a little bit of light from the window.
Thank you. I'm still getting used to it, so it takes just too long to color... but it gets better ^^
@YukixKaname1: Aww, that's so nice, thank you so much >.<
Hey there
Yeah, I'm back. I decided to focus on presenting the comic to more people instead of making money with it xD So prepare for a lot of pages to come. ;)
So you guys, it's done, the first chapter is finished.
Thanks a lot for staying with me until now!
Surprise Page
We're ending the year with the thing, that was my greatest pleasure till the last month. A comic page! Happy new year, everyone!
Surprise Page
I wish you all a merry christmas!
Have all a very nice 4. advent!
Surprise Page
Have all a very nice 3. advent!
Surprise Page
Have all a very nice 2. advent!
Today we celebrate the "Nikolaus"-day in germany, so you get an extra-page ^^
I wish you all a nice 1. advent!
@Rounzei: Thanks, I hope I can keep that ^^
September 26th, 2013
I've got some stories to tell about this site, oh man. On Tuesday I got a wasp sting in my RIGHT hand. It wasn't usable until today and for a while I thought about skipping the color and adding screentones. But I really wanted the first page to be in colors, because I wanted to make clear, that you're seeing the redhaired boy from the cover.
It's evening in germany now and my hand hurts, but I did it.
So it's a special page for me. ^^