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I'm so pumped up!!! :)
Snacks on Playmates
So he snacks on his playmates...both figuratively and literally. That's a bit disturbing, but do tell me more. 😊
Sooch, just jump him already!!! 😂
Drunkin Confusion
Aki you've got some explaining to do!!! 😂😂😂
Oh yes...
Do it...Do it please...!!!
Oh wow...
Why do I get the feeling that Ben's going to be already up and glaring at these two?
I think...
Hum...I'm curious if they figured out his hesitation before and is now setting him up for a meeting with his twin. I would literally laugh my head off if I we're to guess this right. ;)
Awesome sauce!!!
I'm so glad that this comic is active again. I was beginning to get a bit impatient.
Oh my gosh...
Oh my gosh, even after so long I can't get over how cute this comic is. :)
How'd he get the card?
An in comes Shiro to the rescue. Now hopefully after dragging Baine, the dorky tree hugging monkey's butt back inside he'll be able to finally get some sleep. :)
Hum...why do I get the feeling that despite Aki defending himself that he will get home and be in trouble with Kaidou again because of the beer now on his breath and him being underage.
Naoto is just so adorkably innocent it makes me smile. ;)
Some questions...
I don't get it why's he look so sad when he just helped to prevent him from being called absent? Does he think that he has an alternate motive or is he just one of those people that doesn't like to put others out? Or could it maybe be that he is a bit embarrassed about what happened and how he had to help him out of a jam once again? I don't know it could be anything, but it makes me wonder. :p Can't wait till the next update.
November 5th, 2013
I love Black's wide eyed puppy dog look. :p
I can't tell is he in car?
This is going to be epic, I adore how your drawings turn out. :) You know the way that this guy is so over protective and defensive of Seki makes me think that there might be a bit more than brotherly protectiveness going on.:3
You're blond I'm blond...let's be friends. X)
Why do I get the feeling that this kid has a stalker? :) Can't wait to see how this plays out.
Okay I sort of saw that coming, but seriously I'm sure that there is a reason he stopped Jinx. However, hypocritical it might turn out to be. :)
I just can't help but laugh every time I see Seki's reactions. :3