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Ahoy there! I'm not entirely shore what you're looking at my profile f-oar but whatever floats your boat.
I'm pretty new to Smackjeeves, and I'm current-ly collabing with a friend of mine on a Megaman 2 comic, "Megamanathon". (You should totally check it trout)
I think I'll be taking this op-perch-tuna-ty (dear cod) to make a few more comics, as well.
(And for those who are thinking "Krill minnow", yes,
I reelly do like fish puns.)
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Minimalistic Mystique
So yeah, this is just Psycho (and DC a little I guess) expositing on the nature of the comic! Breaking the forth wall a bit, but rest assured these minimilist characters represent the authors themselves and not their in-game avatars! (That's for next time!)
(If you're confused about the achievements Psycho mentions, at the end the winner will be calculated based on multiple things- the fastest will get 5 points, the one who defeated the most enemies will get 2 points, etc. and the one with the most points will win the race)
@DarkCore: Two new?
EDIT: never mind. Idk yet. I'll have done the introductory ones by the end of this week, for sure.
And I do think it has potential..
Lack of Updates
How come this hasn't updated in a while? I think it has pretty great potential!