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Very nice twist with Alphie too!
How did you get the background up?
Not bad, got my fav
... Im kinda disappointed in this ending..
Chatot maybe?
Ginkgo would be a semi good mom XD this dead now?
Noo! Feelss....
is that Roar of Time?
Looks awesome as usual!
@Takai: Ginkgo was Gigis starter in Emerald.
LOL I saw this drawn :)
The dialga turned out beautiful Neko. Betcha cant guess which Livestream person I was. (Just kidding its totally obvious)
Who else was on?
I'm excited for this, but only 10-11 will be in it...other than Hurt's doctor.
Don't worry bout it :)
What is your first language then?
Ummm.. Lemme see, on this page, touch is misspelled, (instead so thouch) everything is misspelled (instead of everyhting). Other than that the page is beautiful
Love it :)!
I noticed a couple of spelling mistakes and just wondering:
A. Is English your first language?
B. Do you need an editor? (just to check for mistakes)
B-b-b-but hes..old....I thought the doctor was done with being old.
uh oh, Shes in trouble
you're art is so beautiful!!