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@Andromeda Lazuli: Ladies & gentlemen, this ship has set sail.
@Lady Darkrina: So let me just get this straight, in the original games Spinda believes that you saw Ho-oh just because you tell him that you did without any sort of physical hard evidence to back up your claim?
I wonder how gullible Spinda really must be to believe something like that without any proof?
@Blizzard: Yeah, these hiatuses usually take around eight or eleven of those.
Heh, Kyogre must be a logician.
@Kenny the fox: Hey look, another reused gag!
@Lady Darkrina: Well then what proof do you get that proves you saw Ho-oh?
@Kenny the fox: WATCH WHAT YOU SAY!!!
...those goddamn bronies & pegasisters can sense someone referencing MLP a mile away and turn the entire comic into a pony message board...*shudder*
@Kenny the fox: Yeah, we don't need anymore traumatizing pics up on Google Images.
@Kenny the fox: Maybe so, but good luck finding them in the later PMD games, I'm really struggling to find a thunder stone to evolve my Pikachu in Gates To Infinity.
I thought it was better when Gengar said "*bleep*".
Am I the only one who remembers that "jellyfish thing" being UltimateYoshi's icon once?