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I really really like drawing.
OMGEEE your style is so cuuute ;w;
@dizz-zy: Thank you so much ;A;!!! I will definitely work hard!!
@AlexisBeeMeow: Thank you very much! :D I look forward to reading your new comic!
@WishingGirl: Thank you very much!!! Your support really means a lot!!
@Mase42sam2: I guess canceling it is the wrong term and I apologize for that. I just decided to put this story on hold until I have some time to work out the entire story. It's frustrating pumping out page after page when I don't have a clear and precise story yet...
read all about it! CLICK HERE!

On another note, I have decided to draw on the side a sort of mini-series comic just so I can get better at comic arts and composition. It is not yet released, but you can read all about it here!

@Cryingblujay: Oh no! haha. . I should have explained better. I will be getting a twitter and tumblr account to tell people about page updates. I'll post on other sites simply a "NOTICE" about a new page or something. For example, I'll post on twitter, "New page up!" and link to the current smackjeeves site. I will still be uploading all pages on Smackjeeves. I hope that clarifies things!
Hey guys, this page took me forever. Mostly because I spend way too much time designing rooms. . . For this page, I had to design both Lynn's old bedroom and his old apt that he shared with his sister. Haha, too bad the word bubbles cover most of my details OTL. . .

Anyways, I am probably gonna get more social media savvy, as in posting page updates on various websites like twitter or tumblr! Stay tuned!
Here we. . . GO.
Oooooooo~~~~ FLASHBACK
Huzzah! New page! Gotta throw in cheesy lines one way or another.

I was supposed to post this up yesterday, but I didn't have internet access. Anyways, it's interesting figuring out ways to color a sun-down- type color scheme. . .
@Tamerlane: Oh my gosh, thanks for telling me! I'll fix it
Hey guys! I finished one page and thought I'd upload it instead of waiting until I finish all three pages that I inked last night. I am happy to say that Anime Expo is over so now I can once again work on this comic! Hopefully within these next few pages the story can actually start making some sense!
@snowblinded: TROLOLOLOLOLOLOLLL. . . Thanks! SUCH NICE WORDS. . . ;A;

But no, I did not use a stock photo; I tend to color a bit more realistically when it comes to nature scenes.
New page! I woke up late this morning and had to run off to work, so I was unable to upload a page until now. . . Anyways, I saw "The Great Gatsby", and although there are a lot of controversy surrounding the music chosen for the film, I thought the movie did well in staying true to the novel, had solid acting, and was extremely, artistically pleasing. NOW ON TO STAR TREK!!! JKVNJKNDDF
kjdfbldjsnksdd this page took forever. . . . Enjoy! ;A;
@RotaryComplex: Really?!! I'll try it! Thanks!!
Thank you for all the support and for putting up with my whacky uploading schedules! Hopefully I can manage my time better and pump out at least one page EVERY FRIDAY~~!

Next time I'll draw another picture that has smoother coloring haha. . .
I Hate My Allergies
Yay! This page is finally on time, ON A FRIDAY! haha. . . enjoy!
Oh my GOOOOOOOOD, you art is so beautiful!! I really do look forward to your new updates!
Oh my goodness, I am in love with your art and your story. . . I can ramble about your art for ages, but in short, IT'S TOTALLY AWESOME. . .