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A stuuuuuupid prcrastinator who procrastinates a lot.

But...just not really here. ISorry guys, life and stuff, you know? ><;; I'll make a comic soon, hopefully.

Also, CUTE RIELLE!!! <3
D'aaaawww, so cute. And hot. Yer gonna get jumped if you keep lying around half naked like that. P:

TO EVERYONE: I am so swamped right now, I'm sorry if I fall off the face of the Earth for a few more days (weeks? months? YEARS?) or so. Teachers are always giving projects at the last minute. Assholes.
@nuclear: Oh boy, I hope not. I rather like profanity so I'm probably going to use it a lot.

What do you mean by children, though? XD
Okay, it'll be Lake then. :3 :3
November 29th, 2009
You guys haven't read the scarier ones, then. XD
Poor Frank.
He must be a masochist.
Ohhh, but Ima, he's not that much older than you...*sparkles*

Fourth panel! I WANT IT TO HAVE MY BABIES. *A* <not being retarded at all>
Yeah, Lake, hog all the action why don't you. |D I'm confused too, but that explanation works nicely.
WIIIIIN!! XD I love that he's going "whee"
I love that last panel. XD I whip my cakes by hand, BUT IT'S SOO TIRING T_T
XD XD *dies*

Wine is very, very sexy. I don't like red wine, though D: (Shhh, he didn't hear that!)
EYEPATCH BUDDY. <:DD Luna can be his right eye, and Delium can be her left.
I got lazy. ;n;
Lake, you lewd old man! D:< Good thing Ima has pantyhose on. Still, I don't think she appreciates your voyeurism.

I'm sorry it's so sketchy. I just wanted to churn this out because I won't be able to update again until Monday or Tuesday. :C Sorry!

(lol armpit hair)
You make a very good point! XDD I know people who hang their undies for all to see on their balconies as well, such a nice view.

Awww! I want to take him home and snuggle with him. <333
*squee* That dress. <33

EDIT: Wow did I read wrong. XDD;; She sounds likeable, though. So pretty. :3
Done :DD I wasn't sure if you wanted the comic pages in order or not, so I left them alone.
Indeed, indeed. ;w; It looks really nice, though. I adore the pencil tool.

lol@ last panel
I like her poster. :P Fiamma makes a nice alarm clock.