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Call me Knees

I love GLs, Monsters, Gore, & Robots

I draw chibis most of the time...cause that takes less effort (٥-́﹏-)
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So i have rediscovered this oldy amd thought I should revive it
Lets see how this goes 👍
No no that's not the character's actual name
They never speak though so "Um" has become their nickname
Yep, sorry you shan't hear a peep from this bunny babe

P.S. - I'm so sorry I'm so slow
I have risen from the wish you a happy Valentine's day
Love is in the air
so many tats
the writer for Su-Jin is a huge dork so legend of Zelda triforce tat it is

To be continued my nerds
Side titty for all!
Bare with me, one more page of boring then...
you'll see
Anywho, see y'all next week!
I return wiTH TITTIES
I needed practice drawing bonds anyway

to be continued
@potatoe1988: thank you! Its my handwriting, took me a while 'cause I couldn't find a font I liked ( •︵•。 )
Tiny house for a tiny girl

Next page in a bit
gunna see the inside of de house next
I hate my hand writing but I can't find a don't I like

To be continued yall
Alright, so its been a while but I plan on updating regularly.
For now, a small panel to get back into the swing of things
Thank you thank you!
^ ¬ ^
That's one big window
Hooray! The chapter shall official begin on thursday!
Hooray! Six more days, and two more girls to go! You guys have already met Kierra but here's a bust so you can see her better ^^
I'm going see Deadpool on Friday.....and probably several more times.
@YukixKaname1: haha thank you! I actually asked Blake, the co-author, for fourteen book titles. If it were up to him, it would have been all manga XD
Here's the sweet baby, the oblivious, innocent lamb, Bri.
I've noticed a very common theme with most smackjeeves BLs: there are little to no female characters. Its almost as if they're scared to add one. Having some ladies doesn't make it any less BL, and I love women. So, the next three pages until the official comic update on valentine's day will be devoted to the ladies of this comic. All five of them.

Oh, and did I forget to mention? This is a burlesque comic: the four main boys being the dancers....of course.
And miss Kyrie here serves the drinks.

Bottoms up!
February 4th, 2016
Aw yes, Hey Savannah's first Valentine's day এ