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I enjoy reading, Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer 40K, and playing on my Xbox 360.
My Xbox LIVE Gamertag is "TEH GAYE".
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    Jesse James Cambridge
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Next comic should be done later today - it's already finished, but my computer is going haywire. So stay tuned folks!

Please... :(
Woohoo! Two different toilet jokes! I should get #19 done soon, maybe this evening. If not - tomorrow evening. We'll have to wait and see. :)
The Black Knights are going to attack Falador!? Isn't that where Zazooma is!?

Oooooo what a cliff-hanger. Anyway. I suddenly realised that I haven't told you about the red text boxes. These are the words of Edward's Master, who is assumed to be speaking telepathically to Edward. It's in red just to make it slightly more evil, and so you can distinguish between what Edward is saying and what his Master is saying. Edward is the only one who can hear him at this time - unless his Master chooses to speak to someone else.

Perhaps the Master speaks to all his servants. Maybe Edward is his only servant? Many mysteries surround the two, and what they are planning! :)
So Zazooma has made it to Falador. Whoop! There's a deliberate spelling mistake on one of the random Runescaper's speech boxes "mcuh". It's deliberate. I check my spelling. ;)

Sorry for the big gap on the bottom right corner. I only really noticed it now. It doesn't make everything terrible, so I'll leave it. Put it down to experience, eh?
Thanks, but no need. I have two computers, and I log onto each one. That way, when Zazooma meets someone, I'm controlling both of them at the same time.

I'd explain it all fully, but I'm pressed for time. Maybe I'll write a guide or something. *Chuckle*
Nooo! Zazooma was scammed! :)

Again, not a lot to say here. It's pretty straightforward. I'm going back to school tomorrow, so the next strip should be done tomorrow evening. Or maybe this evening, if I have the time.
Not much to say here. This is the start of a much bigger and more intricate story. I won't explain what's going on here, but in the last few comics there have been tips on what the villains are planning.
For those who do not realise, Edward is seen earlier in the comic, accidentally saving Zazooma. I know I know, who knew this comic was that intricate. :)

I think I did well in this comic, giving a bit of information on the villains (but not too much) and leaving on a cliff hanger. ;)

I really want to leave it there for a day, maybe two, but I love making this comic. Therefore the next one will probably be done later today or tomorrow.

See you then!

P.s If anyone is willing to make me a much better banner than the one I have now, I would greatly appreciate it. You could be in the comic or something, I dunno. :) But I really need one.
Thanks. I thought they were rather crummy, but thanks anyway. :)
Tutorial Island - Finale
It's over! I won't have to play Tutorial Island ever again! Huzzah!

Okay. I thought this comic was quite good quality and kinda funny. The purple things at the end are Runes, which I actually copied from my book The Runes of Elfland. So they're real Runes. :)

Please leave any comments, good or bad, and rate my comic. Thanks for reading!
*Yawn* Managed to just get this one done. Woo hoo! One more strip until Zazooma enters the real world (of Runescape).

There's a big gap in the right hand top corner...maybe I should've added something to fill it... Wow my Firefox dictionary doesn't have "should've" for some reason.

Anyway, hope you like it. Next one should be done for tomorrow morning. The end of Tutorial Island! :D
I love it. Really well done. :)
Amazing art - job well done.
Careful about breaking the fourth wall here - could be dangerous. If your comic wasn't so long I would've thought you'd get bad criticism. Oh well. :)
The big 1-0! Please don't mind the filler space, it's just there was a huge gap there. I thought it would be good to fill it. Has nothing to do with the story though. :)

I know this strip is actually a strip this time (being that it's shorter than most of my previous work). That is because it was my birthday today, hip hip hooray, and I did not have much time on my hands to make a larger one. I think I may get another one done this evening - if not tomorrow. Tar tar!

Oh, one more thing. If you like this comic, just pass through it, or have added it to your favourites please please please, rate it! I have only had one rate! Please, if you read a strip, RATE IT!
Thank you very much. Kind words are greatly appreciated. If you have any ideas for the comic - I'd love to hear them. :)
Thanks to Superman1059 for starring in this strip, his fight with the Greater Demon was fantastic. :)

I feel like this was a breath of fresh air, being able to play outside of Tutorial Island for once. Of course, the next strip will be back on Tutorial Island with Zazooma, but do not fret! There are only around 3-4 strips left to go! Keep watching!