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My avatar was colored by myself using a 15 seconds sketch made by Kitsunebeo. Make sure you check out her webcomic at !
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November 29th, 2015
That's been done, Xylas! I call he is going to realize he doesn't even need Jupiter anymore at all!
November 28th, 2015
Boop beep bip
Prediction for next page:
Actual skeleton!
@MercedesDelancort: Maybe he just doesn't want anyone to think they can try to make him forget her?
Next page where are you...
September 22nd, 2015
September 22nd, 2015
@DeathDragon: Ah, you got here before me, I had the same idea...
Them green eyes be the awesomest though, it's a shame for Oscar that he can never fully enjoy them...
There are an infinite number of prisms, which is the first scrap of information you receive when you google decagonal, so I'd suppose there is no limit to coolness.
I personally think green eyes are cuter than other eyes.
Also, toothpaste is mostly useful to make your mouth smell better - it's primarily cosmetic, and you're fine washing your teeth with it.
*insert woman with weird glasses*
Was that...
Blue, was that on purpose?
@dracone: I have to disagree, her artificial intelligence has simply reached the Singularity.
@CinnamonSalve: It would be super conspicuous with fur all over his face.
(I assume it's a guy from the flat looking chest and the fact that there are 3 obvious girls out of 6 visible passengers, and it'd even out like that. I rely heavily on the tendency of the human brain to try to even things out with this one. Wow, overanalyzing much.)
A little unusual to witness two robots in a semi-casual conversation like this. Me likes.
Glad you're back! Hope it was a positive change!
I am just amazed by all the people who care, really. If no one cared one way or the other we wouldn't have this problem.
But at least I understand the Yes group being a reaction to the other.
Oh well, there's no real solution, people will still feel a need to antagonize one another no matter the outcome. Everyone will be in the No group at least once in their lives.
@PatchPaws: The odd thing is, how did I not notice that?
Good art right there.
Wonder how many died between the last page and this one, and whose side they were on...