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@Crus: He's an eleven-year-old kid who just experienced his first death in battle. I think Green is at this juncture entitled to a few tears.
I swear I'm still alive. School's just kicking my ass. Also Gyarados. I'm just going to make Silph Co have massive ceilings or something because Gyarados and corridors don't mix.
I am so sorry for lateness. Stuff happened. Here's hoping this comic gets the schedule back on some sort of track!
If you're confused:
An early page! Try not to get used to it - I'm afraid that would only be a letdown. I'm going out of town on Friday, so I figured I better get this up now.
Gijinka design notes
Designing this gijinka was a lot of fun! I wanted to try something a little different from the standard gijinka - less adorable and more mysterious and even dangerous. After all, Parasect is essentially a BigMushroom controlling the shriveled body of an insectoid Pokemon. And drawing facial expressions for that is damn near impossible. Which is how Sheeta ended up in a full-length ballgown patterned after the mushroom growing on her back, complete with gilled underskirt and mycorrhizae-inspired adornments. In keeping with the design of Parasect, she has blank white eyes. And because of my habit of making TMs in the Pokemon's moveset correspond to items in the gijinka, she wields both a katana and an Uzi.
Apologies for lateness. Hopefully the length/quality makes up for it?
@TaiLiu: Pip's crest just does that. It's his weird physical quirk.
Guess who failed at completing the next page?


Have a reference page.
After 3 weeks of drowning under schoolwork, I've finally managed to crank out another page! I hope you like it.
Just a quick doodle, because as it turns out, I STILL have not been able to complete the next page. So sorry OTL.
If your first thought is that this looks way more complicated than a page, you're right. This and a few other gijinka pictures have been sitting on my deviantArt for a while. A new picture will be uploaded to SmackJeeves every other day, while I still have a backlog on my deviantArt.
Let the filler begin! I'll be uploading/copying over an assortment of small drawings and gijinkas until I can get an actual page finished. School is killing me right now.
Cameos from two nuzlockes: Doug from Yonkoma Nuzlocke and Mina from SonicXMinagirl's Emerald Nuzlocke, on the Nuzlocke Forums. Check them out.
@Lucazke: The next gym battle is not going to be nearly as complicated as Misty, so expect color in that too.

Q&A is a question-and-answer session- viewers ask questions and the characters answer them. I thought it would be a nice way to get inside the heads of the Pokemon, as they do not talk.
Well, crap.
What you see up there is currently my last finished comic that isn't an extra. So I was thinking of opening a Q&A at some point pretty soon in the future, or just doing more extras, probably in the form of single-page jokes and gijinkas and uploading them maybe twice Note: If I open a Q&A, you'll be getting very little art during that time period.

So, which one would you like to see? More arts, or a Q&A?
Finally got around to doing this. I'm going for sort of a picture-bookish, innocent, feel. A moment of peace, before reality ensues.

1) Catch only the 1st Pokemon in each area
1a) Dupes Clause - If I already have that Pokemon in my box, I have 3 chances to catch another non-duplicate. If none of the 3 are unique, tough luck. Catch the last or GTFO.
1b) The Safari Zone is 4 areas
1c) I may catch any shiny Pokemon and use it freely. Because SHINY.
2) Fainted Pokemon are eternally boxed. No exceptions.
3) The game will be played on SET mode.
4) The run ends when Mewtwo is captured or defeated.
5) Never give up, never forget, and grind like hell.
A new perspective on the events up to now. Slightly anachronic order. Panel 14 takes place before panel 13, which is why Bill doesn't look like a hideous abomination and yet Misty seems to remember Sheeta's ludicrous acrobatic stunts.
Two badges down, six to go. We're making progress here.
@Neon Drive: Banner complete and added, thank you for the advice. Glad you're enjoying the comic and I hope you continue to do so.