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I work at the mall, not a joke, but I like telling jokes. And, I love writing and drawing stories. Especially when other people read them *hint *hint. Well, if you're reading this, I'm guessing you did look at a free comic, so, thanks. That means a lot.
Please comment, message me, email me, ect. I appreciate your feedback and questions.
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Got Erinyes working hard this time
And not just with his dong.
Thanks for reading!
puff puff pass mr sun is back
I put him in the 420 special (page #124). He appears when burnouts are tripping too hard. He sounds like Goliath from that claymation Davey and Goliath cartoon with a North Carolina accent.
I hope you guys like this one, and thank you for reading!
Erinyes looking like a dang vampire
My friend Tim (named Tim after him) said something about my gay 'vampire' comic, and I tried to tell him no, it's about demons not vampires, but he probably knew that and was just trying to get me worked up. Or he didn't care. Let me post his address and you can all order pizzas to his house.
Devilrella <3 <3 meow!
'It's the heat of the moment' starts playing, it's raining outside, and it's my day off. Today is so great. I'm going to start on next weeks page today.
Just a little Devilrella cameo to make you're day more bright and boob filled.
Her design is based on Lady Death, Red Sonja, and (mostly) Vamperella. Also Booberella from The Simpsons aka Elvira. Oh, and she is not Luju's mom or any of their moms. Their mom is some giant hose beast monster or a beholder or some shit (Sometimes I plan ahead, but my writing style is: have a vague idea of how things work, I'll cross that bridge when I come to it).

And, yes, Lucifer Jr. has 6 brothers. Maybe you'll see one more this episode. And, *big reveal* That shark-toothed hobgoblin is Asmodeus King of Demons, well, assistant manager of demons, currently. But, he's on the fast track to promotion! He's a model employee, but lacks some of the creativity to think outside the box. He's good at following rules and regulations, but when something comes up outside of the rules he gets frustrated. Chomp chomp.
Lastly, I'll leave you with one more Emo Zombies random fun fact: Chopper's name is the same as the dog in my favorite movie Stand By Me, but my Chopper is named after the movie 'Chopper'.
Thanks for reading!
Belphy short for Belphegor
I wanted Belphy to look like he was from Metalocalypse, but he ended up looking like Eddie Munster with that widow's peek (just like his dad's). Next week I'll reveal shark tooth's name. No, it's not Jaw's.
punching and fights my favorite
I really like doing these scenes with action and biting (and butts). Hope you like this one, too.
Still haven't revealed this shark-tooth guys name. Who could it be? Any guesses?
How to summon the anti-christ
I had it in my notes that Lucifer Jr is summoned by guacamole, so I worked that into this weeks episode.

Yesterday at work I pierced a 72 year old guy's ear. He hadn't had anything pierced before, and he wanted to get an earring because Harrison Ford had just got one lol.
Also, had a teenager come in and buy some stuff, they only had a $20 and their total was $21.50. They were short, so I told them to take one of the items off. The total came to around $17. I gave them their change, and the kid says: 'now I have $1, so I get the other item?" Wow!
Just finished
Now I'm going to bed. Pfffffwwww. that's me. At work tonight, I was walking into the store and a guy sniffed me from behind lol! WTF! I don't know what the hell. He says: 'It's laundry day' then took a long wiff from the bottom of my spine to the top. Anyway, have a good night. I've got to go back in tomorrow morning. I just don't know anymore.
Francis and Chopper are back!
Dun dun dun dun! Hope you're enjoy the comic. We'll stay in Hell for a little while. Then, check back in on TIm. Thanks for reading!
Poor Little Guy
He can’t even jerk off to his ex’s sexy voice. so sad. Erinyes really misses Tim. sob.

-This is a day early 'cause I tried to set it for tomorrow and then I had to edit the artwork and it started getting complicated, and I give up. It's been rough at work, and I just need something to go right today. So f*ck it, here's an advance on the comic. Love you guys. Thanks for reading <3 <3 <3
smiting is holy sh*t
All that censored stuff Tim did with Erinyes was absolved and forgiven when Tim slapped Erinyes to the ground. sob. that's one way to end a relationship. But, hey, no one deserves to be treated like a mic stand.
Next week we'll see how Erinyes is getting along. Thanks for reading.
Comic a day early
Here's tomorrows! Yeah!
So, in panel three I've summed up the idea behind this comic and why I created it, and wrote the story this way. The whole point was to have a comic about a virgin emo that wrote songs about breaking up, but had never broken up or been in any kind of romanic relationship with anyone before. Also, the emo doesn't think they're emo.
Oh Timmy :.(
Last night at work a lady came in, kissed all the different stuffed animals, had her baby kiss them back, then left. Just what the hell? I don't know anymore. Good thing the mall is open an extra hour this week. Also last night (and a good thing), as I walked out of the parking garage a guy in his truck yelled at me and called me a 'super model' 'fashionista'. 'Cause I looked good...compared to the usual creep that walks out from behind dumpsters.
Tim ended up in Mission Beach/Demon names
I'm just creating my own condensed version of San Diego for this. That's a ficus tree Tim's stuck in, by the way. They're cool, and you see 'em around here. Anyway, now for the demon names. I know these guys are great, and you should know their names in case you want to refer to them in the future (or I need to, and I forgot what I named them).
Demon names clockwise from triangle guy:
Triangle: Bossman
Drums: Hamworth
Vocals: Feltcore
Guitar: Doublebutt
Piano: Bubblenut
(Roadie Off Stage): Double Dutch (DD for short)

Thanks for reading!
Look at him go!
He's going from Point Loma to Ocean Beach. This is not an accurate overhead map of The Sports Arena area, so don't come to San Diego thinking the beach is right off Sports Arena Blvd, 'cause all you'll find is Home Depot.
About the show last night...
I went to two New Found Glory shows back to back last night and the night before (I'm writing this Monday, since I'm closing and opening at work). I jumped up and down so much my phone says I walked 5 miles lol. I posted a few videos on Instagram. I'm @emozombies, if you want to check them out.
I'm so thankful that you're reading this
Happy Thanksgiving! Andy says he's thankful for Erinyes's butt. Andy's been playing Assassin's Creed Egypt. As soon as I'm done I'm going to play some, too. I've been playing a little bit of Elder Scrolls since it was super cheap on xbox gold. My character's name is Highjointass, if you see me say hi lol.
Sorry about the smashed strat
I do feel bad that the Stratocaster got smashed, but Erinyes just went nuts and lost his sh*t.
The songs I thought about when making Tim's lyrics: Queens of the Stone Age and Puddle of Mud.
Also, I'm writing to you from the future, since I'll be at work when this posts. I shaded this super quick, 'cause I closed tonight and open tomorrow, and had to get this D-U-N. I keep going in on my days off, which is good. I need hours and money.
So, hey I added that ko-fi button, I don't know about it, so I might take it down if I get so drunk and high that I feel it ruins my integrity. Honesty, I'm just very happy that you guys read this. That's really why I make art. So, if I haven't said it lately, thanks for checking out my comic and reading it every week. I love you. Yes, you xoxoxoxoxo
Hey, look they're at Sports Arena
Sports Arena is also the same venue I used for their show in the first issue (page #4 of this site). Weeeooo!
Just realized, I came up with The Emo Zombies 10 years ago, wow! It was on Halloween when I worked at SeaWorld doing caricatures. So, Happy Anniversary to this comic. I'd do another special, but damn those take a long time. I am considering doing an Emo Zombies animated concert when I finish the series. The song will be hard to's gotta be something that really fits. Maybe Superdrag (anything from Regretfully Yours especially 'Sucked Out') or Alien Ant Farm 'Around the Block' - just watch the video, I swear is it in OB?! Or PB? It's probably just Venice Beach :( I always get psyched out by LA- I mean, they're from Rancho Bernardo, so...
Anyway, I just get excited about my late 90s alternative-- EMO (not emo) -- music. Speaking of...New Found Glory ahhh! I'm seeing them on the 25th and 26th ahhhh! I'll be dead after, so you'll have to find another site to jerk off to--er, read comics at. I'll try to keep my pants on for both shows, but it will be hard.
Any thoughts on what you think The Emo Zombies sounds like? Do certain songs come to mind for you? Let me know, I'd like to hear from you all. Thanks :)
Happy Halloween!
Here's a special illustration for Halloween. In exchange, there won't be a comic page this week.
Their costumes from left to right: Erinyes is Leatherface (my favorite horror movie character next to Pinhead, Chucky, Freddy, and the Trick or Treat little guy), Tim's a tiger, Francis is Ghost Rider aka Johnny Blaze (Nicolas Cage version, because I love him), Chopper is Shouyou Hinata from Haikyuu, and Lucifer Jr aka LuJu is Gerudo Link from Breath of the Wild.
Again, Happy Halloween! Thanks for reading :)