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I'm currently writing The Emo Zombies in Space, which I'll be updating Tuesdays.
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How's everybody doing?
Hope you had a good weekend. Are you liking these new characters? I came up with most of the alien names by mashing the keyboard. But, I named Capt. Yarznf (black hair alien) after the backwards talking girl in that Aphex Twin song (to cure a weakling child). It sounds kinda like she's saying yarsna. Here's a link to the song: She says it at 2:44.

Thanks for reading!
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Happy October!
It's the best month of the year! Hope you're having a great fall. Enjoy your week
Happy Fall
There is a lot of story this time. Enjoy!
Let's get this story going
Erinyes in that cape :). Note the different color stripes on his sleeves <3 I did get his outfit off Lolita Wardrobe, it's called 'your highness-the vow' ?
tim got that newspaper framed
Throwback to Issue #5 page 92 (#194 in the drop down menu)
Tim's house
I've never drawn Tim's basement before. Look forward to it!
good morning
I think Erinyes in that fourth panel is the cutest. I love that outfit.
Thanks for reading!
happy Tuesday
Thanks for reading!
back in hell...
Was watching Bill and Ted's Bogus journey the other day, and Andy was saying it was a lot like Emo Zombies. Yes it is! It was my favorite movie when I was a kid, and the first stories I wrote in 3rd grade were all based on Bill and Ted, Alf, and The Chipmunk Adventure. So yes, Emo Zombies is pretty much just Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey with some yaoi smut.
Thanks for reading!
doot doot
Here's the final revised and shaded version of this page. I left the old one on my instagram (@emozombies) if you want to see the progression of one full day of drawing vs two.
Thanks for reading!
Comic-Con is this Thursday-Sun, so I won't be able to get a comic page done for next Tuesday (I'll try to, though). If you're going, I'll see you there!
Let's get this going!!! bwaahw waahw!
Everybody's freaking out...yes! the aliens antenna go beep beep when they're scared.
Francis and Chopper in storage
They're now in the storage hold where the alien's store rocks and space stuff. They're job is pretty much to collect space rocks and particles. Not as cool as designing dog t shirts like (points thumbs at self) this guy.
spacy space
just finished this page. I had to finish shading it today after I got home from work. At work today, I was designing a tshirt with puppies wearing graduation caps and holding diplomas . I love life.
Aliens and zombies
dun dun dun dun
good morning!
Here we go, Francis and Chopper are back.How long have they been off floating in space? It's hard to tell, 'cause time is relative. Could be like 100 earth years, it doesn't really matter to the plot. Maybe 420 or 69 years.
Thanks for reading!
oh my oh my
Some thing is on those asteroids. What could it be???
Call back to last issue
The song the aliens are listening to is from Emo Zombies #5 page 6 (#105 in the drop down menu) . That's a Legitimate Zombies song they're playing. And that part in the last panel sounds like the chorus from New Found Glory's 'All Downhill From Here'.
New characters
Here are the two aliens from planet Zedflagef. Capt. Yarznf and Lt. Russ. I'm very excited about this new story, I hope you like it <3