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I work at the mall, not a joke, but I like telling jokes. And, I love writing and drawing stories. Especially when other people read them *hint *hint. Well, if you're reading this, I'm guessing you did look at a comic, so, thanks.
Please comment, message me, email me, ect. I appreciate your feedback and questions.

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Thanks for reading!
I had an extra day to work on this page, so I spent it on the shading :)
In the last panel, I was thinking that Tim's guitar playing sounds like Me First and the Gimme Gimmes cover of East Bound and Down. Din Da Lin Din.
weeeoooo neeearrrr
just pretend it's Mister Torgue making guitar noises. I still play Borderlands 2. I can't be the only one. I rushed to finish this tonight, so Tim looks like Chucky in the second to last panel. And I'm leaving it.
I've got to go to work early tomorrow, so I'm posting this tonight.
When I was at work yesterday, a canyon caught fire (by SDSU), and ash was everywhere coming in the store. All my clothes smelled like camp fire.
I'm getting tired, but Anime Expo is in one month, so I'm really excited about going for the first time. I'm going to dress up as You Keika from Spiritpact. Weeeeee. Then Comic-Con! Yaaaaaaaa! I'm going as emo Dean Venture (Venture Brothers), Yurio (Yuri on Ice), then not sure for the other two days.
Thanks for reading!
What moves the heart?
Any Mudhoney fans still alive? Tim knows that one by heart. It's so heartfelt.
What's in the box?
It's page 69, dude. In honor of 69 day, I designed the main angel's armor to look like an ancient roman version of a dick cumming all over his chest.
I also spent a good deal of time making sure Francis and Tim had extra sparkly eyes in that last panel. That guitar is going to be sick. I promise. But don't get too hyped about it. I don't mean to over sell it. It's not as sick as Gwyneth Paltrow head.
Thanks for Reading! Have a great week everyone :)
Chopper got smart
Eating brains gives Chopper temporary intelligence, but Tim and Francis haven't put that together, yet.
tim’s got an ichy eye socket talking about erinyes
In the sixth panel in the bottom left corner there. Tim's mad, but deep down he really likes Erinyes still.

Also, they’re called the ‘C.H. muscle squad,’ (3rd panel) because all their names start with Ch.

One last thing. I hurt my neck really bad yesterday, so can't draw right now. I don't know if next weeks page with be on time. I'll do my best to get the comic page done by next Tuesday. But, I don't have any of it done yet, so just giving you a heads up in case.
whoa or woah
I'm going with 'whoa', but I just got an email that used the other spelling 'woah'. It makes more sense for the h to come after the w, so that's how I'm leaning
Another topic I wanted to talk about. Los Angeles. I set this comic in a combination of San Diego and Chicago, but hell is in LA, and it looks like heaven is set in LA, too. So that's a whoa woah situation. Hell is the cool part, which to me is Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights, and heaven is the rich part aka Alicia Silverstone's neighborhood in Clueless. I don't actually know LA very well, I just go for the museums and stuff. And, the 'deez nuts' guy. Met him there once.
Oh, hey, todd
Chopper calling Tim 'Todd' is kind of an inside joke. Andy (my live in butt model) has two friends, Tim and Todd. I mixed up which one was named what and named Tim after the guy I thought was Tim, but was actually Todd. His friend, the real Tim, is way cooler than Todd anyway, so everything worked out.
This is the censored version
You can see the uncensored version here:

or _submit_new=10%3A1523993427

There are just a couple of dicks and sploog. I just didn't want to switch this comics settings to mature for one page.
Thanks for reading! That's about it for the smut. Thanks for hanging in there. I've been wanting to draw this kind of stuff for a long time, but was too self-conscious about it.
Spark up a doob, 'cause they made it
Yay! Francis and Chopper made it to heaven. And, Erinyes is going to have tentacle fun time with the Leviathan (lucky).
Next week we'll check back in on Tim. It's going to be totally smutty, so prepare your butts.
New Character: Leviathan!
He he he if you think I added the Leviathan because I've got an Erin (Erinyes) and needed a Levi...then you are correct. I just want to write erotic Attack on Titan fan fiction.
Out come the demons wooooo
Demons demons drink the mt dew. Remember The Devil and Daniel Johnston? The part where he's in the mental hospital and writes that Mt. Dew song? Here's a link:
At minute 1:35 that's what I think about when I make up all these little demons named after breakfast cereals.
Got Erinyes working hard this time
And not just with his dong.
Thanks for reading!
puff puff pass mr sun is back
I put him in the 420 special (page #124). He appears when burnouts are tripping too hard. He sounds like Goliath from that claymation Davey and Goliath cartoon with a North Carolina accent.
I hope you guys like this one, and thank you for reading!
Erinyes looking like a dang vampire
My friend Tim (named Tim after him) said something about my gay 'vampire' comic, and I tried to tell him no, it's about demons not vampires, but he probably knew that and was just trying to get me worked up. Or he didn't care. Let me post his address and you can all order pizzas to his house.
Devilrella <3 <3 meow!
'It's the heat of the moment' starts playing, it's raining outside, and it's my day off. Today is so great. I'm going to start on next weeks page today.
Just a little Devilrella cameo to make you're day more bright and boob filled.
Her design is based on Lady Death, Red Sonja, and (mostly) Vamperella. Also Booberella from The Simpsons aka Elvira. Oh, and she is not Luju's mom or any of their moms. Their mom is some giant hose beast monster or a beholder or some shit (Sometimes I plan ahead, but my writing style is: have a vague idea of how things work, I'll cross that bridge when I come to it).

And, yes, Lucifer Jr. has 6 brothers. Maybe you'll see one more this episode. And, *big reveal* That shark-toothed hobgoblin is Asmodeus King of Demons, well, assistant manager of demons, currently. But, he's on the fast track to promotion! He's a model employee, but lacks some of the creativity to think outside the box. He's good at following rules and regulations, but when something comes up outside of the rules he gets frustrated. Chomp chomp.
Lastly, I'll leave you with one more Emo Zombies random fun fact: Chopper's name is the same as the dog in my favorite movie Stand By Me, but my Chopper is named after the movie 'Chopper'.
Thanks for reading!
Belphy short for Belphegor
I wanted Belphy to look like he was from Metalocalypse, but he ended up looking like Eddie Munster with that widow's peek (just like his dad's). Next week I'll reveal shark tooth's name. No, it's not Jaw's.
punching and fights my favorite
I really like doing these scenes with action and biting (and butts). Hope you like this one, too.
Still haven't revealed this shark-tooth guys name. Who could it be? Any guesses?
How to summon the anti-christ
I had it in my notes that Lucifer Jr is summoned by guacamole, so I worked that into this weeks episode.

Yesterday at work I pierced a 72 year old guy's ear. He hadn't had anything pierced before, and he wanted to get an earring because Harrison Ford had just got one lol.
Also, had a teenager come in and buy some stuff, they only had a $20 and their total was $21.50. They were short, so I told them to take one of the items off. The total came to around $17. I gave them their change, and the kid says: 'now I have $1, so I get the other item?" Wow!