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I work at the mall, not a joke, but I like telling jokes. And, I love writing and drawing stories. Especially when other people read them *hint *hint. Well, if you're reading this, I'm guessing you did look at a free comic, so, thanks. That means a lot.
Please comment, message me, email me, ect. I appreciate your feedback and questions.
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Little ghostie in the third panel <3 love that guy
Also, about the two goobers running from tim’s’s fred durst from smashmouth and shaggy. haha i know fred durst isn’t from smashmouth, he’s from diners, drive-ins, and dives.
i just have them taking their cat for a walk at 5am, so what?
He's actually a fury not a demon, tim
Note that I'm saying 'fury' not 'furry'. Big difference. Also, they're in Oak Park, IL, again. Sometimes they're in San Diego, sometimes Chicago, sometimes Maine. It depends on the season. It's feeling like fall here, so I had a fun time drawing that last panel of them walking through Tim's yard in their sweaters and flannel. ooooooweeee, Jerry! I could draw these two humping and kissing all day <3 <3 <3
Good morning!
Well, it's still morning here at least.

Hope you like that I'm adding smut to this comic. I did have Chopper's dick on the 2nd page of Issue #1. I had a word bubble covering it, but you can see a bit of the pubes ;p Anyway, I've always wanted to draw this, so thanks for reading! It took a lot of liquor and courage for me to get this out there.
Yes, Luju wore mittens just to eat ice cream
And sorry, you'll have to wait until next week to find out what Tim and Erinyes are up to.
Also, sorry for the cheezeballs emo pun Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor. It took me like an hour to come up with that *sob.
Also, one more thing. My Chemical Romance is emo, yes? My cousin said they are not emo, and is a big fan. WTF. I said, no. That is incorrect. They are very very emo. Anyway, that's the whole idea behind this comic. Seriously. I came up with the idea, because emo bands always say they're not emo when they are emo. If no one is emo, then emo wouldn't exist. But it does exist (well, spellcheck doesn't consider emo a word. Also, spellcheck can piss up a rope). Blink 182, My Chemical Romance, even goddamn Billy Corgan (aka king emo) are E-M-O. That is all.
Erinyes's pants & Halloween
Two things. First, I designed Erinyes's pants and suspenders based on ones my friend Rudy G (writer/illustrator of The Catalyst comic in the 'My Comics' archive on my page) had to wear working as a tin smith in Old Town.
Second, I'm working on an Emo Zombies Halloween illustration for this year. If you have costume suggestions, feel free to post a comment or email me. You can check out the one I did back in 2008 on page #65 (in the drop down menu).
Thanks for reading!
These two
Nice guitars
Put the lotion in the basket, Tim
I was going to put a New Order song, or Depeche Mode. But, then I thought about the songs they play at my favorite goth club, and I remembered how my one friend would wait all night for them to play this classic from Silence of the Lambs, and bingo, had to put it on here. Also, I played it a few times kinda loud with the door open while coloring this page, so, you're welcome new neighbors.
Just like heaven
Oh boy. I haven't 100% decided what song will come on the start of the next page. It should be Pictures of You, but I can't have two Cure songs in a row. Also, that's not the most danceable song.
If you can guess that song in the first panel without looking it up, I'll draw you a hunk commission of your choice
lol. I started the gray tones and shading at 8:30am this morning and it took me 'til 3:30 to finish. Geeze. I rushed it, too. It's ok it took me so long to post, 'cause this is my favorite page so far.
Here we are getting into the main story all the set up is done. Beetlejuice is loose. I mean, Erinyes is...and he's dressed in his hottest club attire (may have been over a hundred years since he's gone out to a box social). Enjoy. I promise a good ride, good jokes, and good illustrations. Let's go! Yay
No hidden meaning behind song/band references here
Shout out to that 1994 classic song 'Little Bastard' by the Ass Ponys. I'm pretty sure I've referenced it before, but here I am bringing it up, again.
In the club, I have that Siouxsie and the Banshees song playing, because it was playing while I was drawing that panel. That's all.
How do you jostle someone out of a funk?
Step 1) Shake the mopey friend. Step 2) Caress their face all lovey after. Step 3) Watch Sharknado 5, especially the opening credit animation. If depression still continues, repeat steps one and two, then follow it up by watching Kung-Fu movies. For more advice on handling depression, consult Dan Harmon.
Luju is genuinely concerned for you, tim.
Well, I'll be damned.
I've been watching Silicon Valley, and Erlich Bachman makes me think of Lucifer Jr. My friend said LuJu is like Big Head. Ok, sure, but I think Tim's more like him.
Tim doesn't stay sad for long
I mean, Tim's emo and sad a lot, but he has a short attention span for depression, and gets excited and snaps out of it quickly. Tim wears his heart on his sleeve, and at this point, Francis doesn't want to deal with it anymore. Let's see if Tim can find someone that doesn't mind that side of him. And, hopefully it's not that handsy angel.
Francis did say he'd flip the fuck out.
He's true to his word. Francis just doesn't want to keep the damn band going anymore. And I do feel for Tim, since he just wants to be in a band and make music with his friends. He tries so hard, but 'you can't go forcing something if it's just not right'. That's my Green Day quote for the day. I'm Tim by the way. I think I've said that before... sob sob. 'You gotta know when to walk away, and know when to hold your cards and fold your cards,' I think that's a Smash Mouth song -just kidding, that's a joke.
Well, look at that
Lucifer Jr is getting bowed down to. Don't expect to see that again lol. Only Erinyes would be all formal and respectful to the anti-christ. Everyone else recognizes the fact that LuJu is a damn useless slacker that smells like garbage. American Dad was on last night, and god damn I think Jeff and LuJu have too much in common.
Anti-Christ Little Known Facts
The anti-christ likes playing Frogger. I read that in the bible in Sega Genesis 4:20. Just kidding. I never read the bible.
Chopper's face
Without Chopper's bangs coving his face, all the madness and horror of death and undeath is unleashed on the beholder. So, yeah, if you were wondering what Chopper's face looks like, it's the f*cking Jaunt in there. Anyone read that Stephen King short story? If so, sorry to traumatize you and bring that sh*t up, again.
As for those disappearing reappearing wings...
Yeah, those wings disappear when Erinyes isn't using them. They just go into a negative zone, then reappear when he needs to fly or wants to make a dramatic entrance. Lots of things exist in that negative zone in this comic. Like angel porn productions, and the upper half of Chopper's face.
Look at that hunk.
It's fun drawing big boob chicks, but hot damn it's f*$%ing great drawing smutty dudes. Thanks to BKJHSGF (not his actual name) for posing for this. In a recent survey 2/4 hunks agree that they want to bone him. *thumbs up
Is Francis's joint getting bigger each panel?
Why yes. Yes, it is.