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he's gonna bite him, maybe? well, surprise Luca! some humans are strong especially when they're fighting for their life
he kicked him in the crotch? that's gotta hurt
September 29th, 2016
i wonder if he's also going to be taken away?
September 20th, 2016
interesting interesting. i wanna see what happens next. is he gonna be a prince or something?? this is really good
September 12th, 2016
Glad to see you are back. Hope life gets better!
I can imagine him thinking Hello from the other side
Woah! I'd be freakin out if I was him. Take your time with updates. Moving is a big thing and usually it takes awhile to get situated. I plan on moving soon too so no worries. But I'd still be freakin out if I was him xD
Cute! >w< This gives me a fuzzy feeling in my stomach
@featherpencil: nice! i use manga studio 4 ex. i tried the demo for clip studio and it has so many cool tones
the horror on his face. i would be the same way but under the blankets
the sparkles and the hair and the eyes! @o@ it's so perfect. i'm jealous of your coloring!
>_< Sooo cute! I love it when they're in denial at first xD
ahhhh your coloring is so great. i don't have the patience to make a color comic so you coloring everything is impressive
August 5th, 2016
aww poor guy :(
gah this is just so beautiful
nice. i do miss everyone on here. ever since school and work, i haven't had time to do anything >.<
aww. i really like the pair up between those two ^^ ikr, i've been busy with prep school and i've been hit with artist block at the moment
@pokemainia: hmm, i guess she just hasn't been on in awhile but it seems she's the only one who can accept the application. sorry, i would help if i could but i guess you'll just have to wait until she gets back on smackjeeves.
@PitifulServant: don't worry, i also get the same problem here
@PitifulServant: i don't think so. go ahead and jump in any time you want