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Eyo~ just a derpy girl who likes to read awesome comics yes~
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SOOOOO HAPPYYYYY!!! I have followed this story from the start and it is one of my absolute favorites! I am glad you are doing better, and I'm glad you wish to continue it <3 I look forward to the new updates c:
it hurts my soul that these two are so adorable but not together xD

Thank you for the lovely story so far!! <3
I am thinking a possible reference to the ring lol
so like! have they had actual intercourse or? I was not sure if Bum was just very....nervous and uncertain about that, so this page made me really wonder.

If you aren't comfortable then you aren't comfortable and that is perfectly okay! I enjoy NSFW but if it isn't writers thing then the beauty of it all still lies in like the expressions the characters give that displays their passion. BUT EITHER WAY I LOVE THIS COMIC! I have been following it for years. I am just usually a quiet person as far as comments. I always so enjoy whenever we get a page <3

So on that note, thank you so much for this story, it's unique and I absolutely adore it because i love mythology.
omg i have been reading this comic since the near beginning and I DON'T KNOW HOW I MISSED THAT ARAHNE IS MALE OMG! xD I fail.
I absolutely fell in love with this story from the get go and I've been following it since the very beginning. I'm so grateful for the time and the effort and the story <3 It has been a beautiful read, and your art style is just so lovely. I've even swooned over our pixel art! It's adorable <3. Thank you so much for this year and this story! I really can't wait for more c:
I am not voting blackmail dude cause ugly is whay ugly does and I dony see how forcing someone would be hot action.

I think its important to know so you aren't cheating and two his behavior thus far is disgusting? Sooo that is why it is kind of important on top of it all. Not thay it would excuse his behavior but maybe it wouldn't have happened like that if he had known.
@KazuSPF: Totally with you here. I love the story, and I am not at all trying to knock the authors and the story/characters they create for us. I am so very grateful for it. This guy is just my least favorite because it does not at all justify his treatment to a person. Just cause oh getting a divorce now, doesn't justify the way you treat someone everything is forgiven. Nope. I hope Yuki doesn't forgive him. I hope what we get to see is really good development maybe some sort of redemption because I figure these two are supposed to be paired together regardless of whether we like the other guy lol.

To the authors though! I love you guys, really I do <3 Thank you for the continued story c:
@minyan: You are totally fine! We are all human these things happen! I just thought I'd let ya know c:
The first left panel the babe's scars are missing bellow his eye! Oh wait actually it is missing in almost everything on this page D: unless those are tattoos i am sorry but either way they are missing! Just thought I would let you know other wise I <3 this comic <3 Thank you for another page!
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December 10th, 2016
I can't speak for those unfavorite the comic, I don't know if that is still a problem but I just found it myself and I am rather enjoying it thus far. I am personally in love with the main dude's hair. I just want to play with it lol.
Take your time! I'm agreed with Riaya. It is certainly a trying new page in the US history. I am having a hard time wrapping my mind around it myself : / lots of unpleasant terrible things.
Your work is really beautiful! I am so excited I stumbled upon this and the story seems so promising too!

The only other--I mean its watercolor right?--person I have seen use this style is the writer of Prince of Cats, and I loved the watercolor so much.

So I appreciate this greatly!
@Chocari: woot! On another note!! Still adore the pieces out of this comic!! So sorry I am so bad at leaving comments ;o;
I think!!! I have spied the differences!! I legit went back and tried to find all shots and angles I could find of male vs females. I think the males have those little spines/scales/some sort of something, down along their tails? Females do not?
oh my gosh!!! The very last!! DD: I could cry. I probably will when it is all done xD Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful story and I'm rather happy to say I have been following it for what feels like years now! I believe I found it way back when it only had a few chapters to it! I loved the story so much, still do, and your artistic skill has grown so much! It has been amazingly fun to see how it has grown and how all the characters have grown. Thanks for the story <3
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July 30th, 2016
@Tuxie: omg I am so sorry I meant cousin!!! I literally just woke up when I wrote thst I am sorry!!!

Also sorry to have missed it then! YIU AREN'T A BAD WRITER!! I am just human and make mistakes. I really enjoy all your comics <3