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December 7th, 2011
Daaaaamn. More stories plz. I love these characters.
September 7th, 2011
I vote for him snacking on Ikeda. >w>
Woo, an update! Aha, fantastic, I like the beginnings of this bit already. <3
I came back and read it again. I wish there was more of it, especially because I liked the character concepts. X3
Love this. You never know what a kid will grow up to be. XD
March 3rd, 2011
So far so good. X3 Do I detect a little sibling rivalry on the other page? XD
Oh gawd, he is so sexy. But WRRRY?! I am torn between how good he looks and how evil he is. I also love the way you draw hands and faces.

I didn't realize how well you drew noses until I had to stare at all these panels of Petunia.
D8 Oh no, go grab the conductor and rescue him!!! This is why good-looking young men should not wander the streets at night.
February 24th, 2011
Oh man, she makes good business, pumping out babies like that. XD
They're adorable, honestly. X3
Mr. Conductor, ftw, man. FTW.

I'm going to crackship these two. Never gonna happen, man, but a girl can dream.
D8 Is the conductor on the next page???
Someone must've said it already, right? Nilus is using her powers on him. He's never been there in his life. >_>;
Yay, this comic lives! Yesss!
Is the page down?
August 27th, 2010
D8 But what happens next?!

I'm really loving this.
I hope the conductor comes back in the comic. <3
August 20th, 2010
I go through the pages so quickly, but it's so good. X3 Thank you!
Lovin' your art and comic so far. Looking forward to more updates. <3
Aha, I am serious loving on all this blushing. This is fantastic! <3