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So frustrating
That is one of the most frustrating I've ever had to do, trying to explain what a transgender person is and the person is not understanding on purpose. As a transgender woman myself I've found myself many times trying to explain this, not because I came out to them, just because the subject rolls into the conversation sometimes with some friends.

I don't have any horror stories tho, when the person does that to me I just stop the conversation and then I stop talking to them for a while.

Sadly I live in a really ignorant country, anything that is not a heterosexual male or female gets labeled as homosexual, no matter what you identify as hey just call you by whatever you look like.
Daft Punk!
TambiƩn estas emocionado por lo de Daft Punk? :DD
No puedo esperar a que salga <3

Also, este comic esta bien bonito c:
Small Penis jokes :D