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I'm sad that you leave Smackjeeves, but I completely understand your reasons. I'll follow you on Tapas then. No problem. It's a good thing to know we can suport you just by viewing your comic.
I'll never understand people stealing other's works. That's unforgivable and cheap. They're lowering themselves by doing that.
Artists leaving the platform for another one is a common thing. I don't understand people being aggressive about that. You offer everything for free and don't take off your comic completely. You just change the place where you still post it for free. So it's not really a big deal for watchers to follow you. You should be handled with more respect and gratefulness.
Thank you for being here all this time despite all difficulties and creating your wonderful comics! I'll definitely follow you. <3
Thank you for the update. It's worth all the wait, so don't worry.
The story's very promising. I feel with poor Luke. His parents are cruel to force him being someone he isn't and make him feel guilty about the way he was born. I hope he'll be able to free himself one day.
October 21st, 2018
Somehow I had this bad feeling ever since it was mentioned that Kei had a girlfriend before...
Poor Seiki! He must be heartbroken. TT_TT
September 18th, 2018
Finish, not perfect, that's the right motto! It turned out really fine, so don't worry.
I'm happy you're still diligently working on this comic, I'm a big fan of it. I'm a bit afraid to see the next page(s) though. Horrible things are about to happen, I fear...

I really admire how much you've improved. Your storytelling always has been excellent, but your art style and layout have enhanced a lot. Hope to see more of this sad but to the utmost thrilling story. <3
August 13th, 2018
I'm still watching your excelent comic of course, though I haven't much time to comment.
Hmmm, the plot thickens, I guess. There must have been a reason Seki had other (unhappy?) relationships at the beginning of the story.
First I thought that panel in French was on purpose, but after watching the next page I'm pretty sure it's just a mistake.
The proper translation would be:
"And the explosion of your airplane just confirmed my suspicions! What about the survey so far?"
My deepest condolescence! I'm so sorry for your loss. I know how it feels. It sure will take some time to fully understand and accept this situation. Just take all the time you need.
April 23rd, 2017
I hope that too because I love all your comics and especially this one. <3

It's really getting dramatic now. Hope our heroes will get out of this unharmed and that weird "huntress" gets what she deserves.
@KazuSPF: He obviously enjoys humiliating people, that's why everyone's mad at him. He's walking over corpses just to feel high and mighty and suit his vanity. That's terrible and being clear about it doesn't make it any more despicable.
He shows that non-consently taken photo like a trophy and boasts about his next victim. That's no way to gain sympathy.
"He just sended it to a friend..." You're seriously thinking that makes it any less bad? You know how rumors spread? Showing it to a friend under the promise of not telling anyone... that's exactly how the word will be spread around to the whole city within 24 hours.
Omi should get what he deserves, losing all his hair and good looks and ending up alone.
October 18th, 2016
There's just one thing Enon can do to preserve his dignity: He'll kick his elbow in Azeroth's eye, lift his skirt and run for it as if hell was on his heels. LOL
Okay, that's too tempting to resist, so I'll try my luck too. ;)

First panel

Derek: Hey Andrew, when you and Alex get married, I'll be your best man.

Andrew: What are you talking about? That will never happen. Never!

Second panel

Derek: Okay, I get it. In that case I'll just be Alex' best man when he and you get married.

Andrew: You don't know the meaning of 'no', do you?
Yay, we still have Smackjeeves to meet! :D
Great page, Cassy!
I always enjoy your drawings, they're beautiful. Thank you for your hard work and never giving up! <3
Is that the proof that blonds are dumb or is it just Baine? LOL
I guess it's the latter. XD

Happy new year and welcome back, dear! <3
It's always a highlight to see a new page of your lovely comic. Hope you're doing well.
@Alicia Muhm: No problem, dear! <3
You shouldn't have told me, now I can't wait for it! LOL
Just kidding, hope everything works out fine for you. Though I'm really excited about several pages to come I'll wait patiently.
Please don't worry about us. Rather see that you'll get your house in order again. Your life is much more important than an update of your lovely comic. I'd wait any amount of time for that, so don't worry.
Hope that your things will go to normal again soon. <3

Also this is a gorgeous drawing. I'm really in love with it. Thank you so much! :D
@Adaren: What are you talking about? You wouldn't do any harm to the person you love? Don't you know, that once you feel betrayed by a loved person, love turns into the worst hatred ever known?

Mok'waru just revealed that he was part of a plan to kill Gengi's mother and brother. He voluntarily lured Akeru into the deadly trap. He caused the death of dozens of dragons including Gengi's whole family and it was probably him who killed Akeru's teacher.
Would a person who really loves you do this to you? Gengi has every reason to believe that Mok'waru's love just was an act as a part of the plan to gain power over his kingdom. He claims to love Gengi, but these are just cheap words. People always show their true colors by their deeds. And even if Mok'waru loved Gengi, it doesn't make up for his terrible sin. Such a thing never can be forgiven.
So, in my eyes, Gengi has every right to kill that creep and I think he couldn't care less what will happen out of this action. He wants to take revenge on everyone involved, even if it means war. I think he's about to turn their world into a sea of blood and that's how the prophecy will fullfill itsself by its mere existence.

@Vilani, the artist and author of this comic: The plot of the last chapters has the epic dimension of a greek tragedy and I thank you that you had the courage to do that!
I followed your comic for a while now and I'm always surprised about the twists this story takes. I like it very much.

It seems that Gengi will eventually come to his senses again, maybe after finding out that his brother is still alive and I'm excited to find out how this all will happen.

Please keep on your fantastic work! <3
It's an April fools joke, right? XD
So hilarious! :D <3
February 6th, 2015
Poor Sora! He doesn't even know what's going on. LOL
Ranmaru: Uhm... you're a good teacher? *makes puppy eyes* LOL