My names Danny yo's I'm good friends with people on Deviantart Like Faisaladen, HypersonicX firenamedbob and Mawio876.... Idk if they have SJ though anyways Imma mostly on jus to read comix :P
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Last the middle one is still not attractive in my opinion
Ocarina of time 3D is my fave Zelda game of all friken time!
@kcspice: Sorry for coming off as rude but its that his old sprite was so sick especially for a comic relief character his new design seems serious and i don't like it. how is he funny anymore!? I say leave his design alone
Everyone looks great nice job!!! But im sorry uggggh what did u do to Lazlo!
@kmarwx: Lol thanks i wasn't sure i thought it was Tarin or sumthin!
Who is Mario man in the first two panels? I know hes Malons dad from OoT but i forgot his name can anyone fill me in?
Can't wait to see how it plays out!
@Legoatic: This was funny doe u idiot! Haha this kid keep it up Kc
I was hoping you would do somthing like that =D
Dude i just remembered hiw fun the flower copter things were in Majoras mask! Great page BTW!
@diablomunster: My guess is the deku scrub on the cover page
I probably would have laughed if he looked high... Idk i think u should add emotion to the characters... however that done and said the Bg's look really cool for minecraft rips! Just some friendly advice :-)
Really digging the whole button layout!
What kinda psycho bitch is she!?