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February 2nd, 2014
@Eziali: Ahahha, thankyou so much, I hope you won't be disappointed by the story later on ;)
And no I'm not, I don't really understand the site, but from what I understand it's mostly a place for fanfictions? And since I work with OCs I guess my story would be kinda misplaced (even though it's still sort of out of place here on SJ xD; )
December 8th, 2013
@Zelheit: I don't plan on stopping it, taht's for sure :)life is just busy and my focus and motivation is elsewhere at the moment... but I intent on returning, don't you worry! ^^ the question is just when, because I have a lot of work on it that I need to finish, before I can continue and that is somewhat pushing the motivation for it down n.n; but I'm glad you like it, and I really hope you'll stick around until I get the chance to continue it <3
@hally580: Ah, sorry I forgot to reply to this :-/ but yes, they would to some extent; I'm currently reading it through myself and correcting a loooot of the worst mistakes and rewritting some parts so it fits the story better and the flow is somewhat consistent n.n; I HOPE I can get some pro at english to read it through as well, because I really don't want to 'publish' or take money for something that are only halfassed :-/ so I'll edit the entire story so far, add new parts, remove parts I think is stupid or wrong and stuff like that... so it's not like you'll get a printed or digital version as this one on SJ, there'll be more to it than that ;)
@ImaginaryPerson: Ahhh, I hope you're doing well!! :D it's always so nice to hear from you :P and it's fine, just do it when you feel like it and get the time ;)
My arms are surprisingly well these days around, so that's nice :D it always helps to have vacation and not a ton of schoolwork - but yes, in general it's also going better with them, thankyou for asking!
I think I just need to sit down and seriously focus on writting on LL, then the inspiration tends to find itself... it's the motivation to actually sit down and do nothing else, that's missing... I have a lot of other stuff I'd rather do because I have the inspiration for it x.x; but yeah, I hope I can sit down with my computer some time when I'm on vacation and cut off from my other creativity outlets ~
How're you doing? :3 still in Japan?
@Ynne: To be honest, I simply don't know any good writting-websites that I feel comfortable with n.n; I started on smackjeeves because I knew and liked it, and the story started out with more comic-style than what it has developed into x.x; but if you know any good sites, let me know, maybe I'll take a look at it :D (properly not delete it from here, but it's always possible to put a stury up more than one place ;P)
and thanks a lot for your sweet words! :D I really appreciate it! n.n I'm always glad to hear what people are thinking about the story and how they perceive things; for example what you wrote about Joshua's and Daniel's relationship; I'll definately take that into consideration :P
@Guest: starting on page 146 n.n (hnnng, I'm so happy I have notes, 'cause no way I can remember that xD;
@micmacmonroe: Thanks a lot for the note! ;) I properly won't get around to edit it right away though, since I'll wait until I get a hold of my beta (or a new one) and can clean out all the mistakes on these pages in one go n.n but I'll keep it in mind as I work on the upcomming pages! ;D
I'm so sorry guys, but I have to leave for a while again; this time to find my inspiration to write some more :-/ I had hoped that uploading some pages in here for some weeks would help, but when I find more people de-faving than actually faving, it's kind of having the opposite effect on me x,D So for now I'll stay on my own and hope that I get to write a bit when I'm on vacation and have no access to all my other creative outlets n.n; maybe I'll get around to actually make a chapter page, but as it is now, it'll probably just be something random-not-properly-drawn-if-it's-even-there... *sigh* I hate this whole "I'm leaving for a while", but for the moment it sort of seems like both me and you lost the motivation for the story n.n so when I come back, I hope it's with a loooot of pages and that they'll catch and motivate you better too n.n; and maybe with a printed version of the story so far... and an edited website... (yes, I have a lot of goals x,D) - so I hope you'll stay here until then ~ and enjoy the summer!! <3
Sorry, I wasn't home Sunday, so here's a belated update n.n; I'll put the rest of the pages I have done on autoupdate when I'm done with this update x3
So now we just handed in our project, and in a few weeks I have an oral exam and then summervacation is here! QwQ I have soooo much to do, including finding my motivation to work on LostLove x.x; I hoe it helps when I don't have to write a lot of school related stuff for a periode... And maybe I'll simply drop the chapter page since it's also a huge blockade for me to work :S I haven't drawn for nearly a year so finding motivation to draw something I don't feel like, is nearly impossible... but yeah, motivation for writting comes first n.n;

@krulik, @horsecharmed - it's good to be back, now I only hope that I can stay back for a while x,D <3

@snow crystal - I'm glad I made you happy, but sad to hear that everything isn't going so well D:
Simon is a super nice guy, yes ~ he's like the compilation of all friends and every 'frind' ideal I've ever had and ever seen in stories :D he's not a perfect person, but he's a great friend match for Matt n.n ...... pfff, I don't even know what to say about all the other stuff, I like reading your teories and thoughts about the character, but I don't know what to comment, since I know a biiiit more about the further storyline and stuff like that x,D <3
I care about beta reading ;o; I feel a lot better, when I know the page aren't stuffed with stupid mistakes and grammaerrors, that I did not know about x,D fuuuu, I just want everything to be perfect ~

@Xweetke - Thaaaankyou 8D <3
Heeeey, it's a victory in itself that the Netherlands got to the finals, right? ;D as I understood it, it's the first time in like 8 years they got to that point ;D so that's pretty impressive! .... but Denmark is the champions, HELL YEAH!!! 8D
- I really am, it's been sooooo long ( a little over 3 months) since the last update, and I did not even warn you properly x.x;; sorry... There's not really an excuse, but there's some good reasons xD; first of all, I've been having trouble getting a hold of my beta reader... for some reason a lot of my mails ended up in her spamfilter and the last I heard from her was that she would get back to me tomorrow... it's been a month now :S so yeah, problems with mails much... so I decided to update eventhough they haven't been cleared of my mistakes x,D hope you can live with it ~ I'll still try to work things out with my beta and when I hear from her, I'll update the pages, so you don't have to comment on mistakes and such when you read the pages, I already know they're there, just not where ;)
Aside from that, school has been sooo busy! And the at moment I'm struggling to finish the last big assignment so I can go to the exam next month and have SUMMER VACATIION, hell yeah!! My other hobbies has been takig a lot of time as well. And I've been travelling... I went to London to visit a friend, and later to China for a week :D but that's a whole other story ~
And yesterday evening Denmark won the European Song Contest! :D Wohooooo!!! (random remarks is random) ~
And yeah, the hart and thingy behind the page number is a ittle different than usual, because I had to change computer and lost the brushes I used for them n.n; but no great loss, I suppose :P

Not anything interesting say, I should go to bed before I start to get too random; early school meeting tomorrow, bah...
It's so good to be back all my lovely readers <3 hope you enjoy the pages to come! ^^ ~
February 10th, 2013
So, this is the last page I have done :S I have written the rest of the chapter, so I have so text left, but I haven't heard from my beta in a while... I'll try to write to her sometime in the beginning of next week, but yeah.... I may not have an update ready next Sunday, only time will tell; whether or not I'll simply post it without having a beta reading it through or if I want to wait for her ~ depends on if I get a reply from her n.n; so yeah, fair warning <3

@krulik - a little selfish yeah, but I totally understand it ;D <3 hahah fuuuuu, so bad timming, a week after you comment that, I say that there might not be an update next week xD I hope you won't have to wait for long for the next update.... and only time will tell how my arms will hold up with the job; they start to hurt quite a lot when I'm about to finish working, but an hour later they're okay, so maybe there's hope :D
Urgh, I can imagine that the parent's meetings aren't fun :-/ they're no fun for the children, so why should they be for the parents? :S ... I don't think I ever got to know, but what do you work as? I know you had some illustrating jobs, but full time or on the side? :)

@mirror-wolf - Uhh, that sounds interesting! :O 'New media'... what does that include? :P I'm currently attending a workshop named 'digital communication'; it seems somewhat related? And I am having fun! Though the study form dosn't really encourage interaction with the other students :s we have to work a little in small groups, but that's it... so I haven't really bonded with anyone (also because a lot of the people attending the workshop is there with friends) so I feel somewhat left out, ahaha n.n; so the social isn't a total succes, but the subjects and texts and stuff, is soooo interesting, just what I hoped for!
Pffff, I look at my job like this: I get money..... n.n;

@snow crystal - what are you working as? :D and studiyng, for that matter? <3
February 3rd, 2013
Sooo, school has begun for me, and it seems to be a REALLY busy semester ahead; but it's with the stuff I've been looking forward to for two years, so I guess it's okay :3 How about you, when did your school start and are you enjoying it so far or is it simply hell?
I started on my new job yesterday as well, and it's going to take me a while to get used to it; I have to do a lot of stuff in a small amount of time, so I'll have to make a weekly schedule for when I do what, because I can't do every thing every day... but it's good money, I simply hope my back and arms can survive it (it's a cleaning job, so lots of vacuuming n.n;)~

-page 302-
@richan222 - thanks, and I'm glad and honoured to hear that!! ^^ <3

@Quatrue - thanks a lot and no problem ;D

@snow crystal - thanks, and I don't hope so either x,D but I had a similar job years ago, and that went fine; I had a few extra hours to work with though, this is more stressful, but I think it'll be fine when I've gotten into a daily rhythm :P
I'll try to warn you beforehand if I run out of pages and will have to wait a while before I can upload again n.n but yeah, sometimes the auto-updates trick me; I get so used to the pages uploading itself, so I do't think about it... also why I sometimes forget to add an author comment x,D

@yoowl - Thank you! n.n it's a cleaning job, so I have to vacuum and dust in a clothing store :3 today will be the third time I go there so I haven't really had the time to form an opinion of it yet, but I don't think it'll be so bad when I get used to it; if anything I'll just keep looking for another job because I would rather like to work a few times a week for more hours, than a couple of hours every day (I have transporttime as well :S)

@kingdomgirl94 - doctors ARE clever, yes indeed! or, at least some are; no rule without exception x,D I've heard about some preeeeetty incompetent ones :S

@yoowl - ahaha, sooo true x,D

@snow crystal - attention in that kind of situation is always super frustrating D: but people tend to forget that, they just want to see what's happening because uuuuuuh it's so exciting and it's not involving me so I don't care!!

@coloradogirl86 - that's no crime ;D

@mirror-wolf - .... Hmmmm, I should write a scene were Simon is fighting, shouldn't I? hmmmmm, could be fun.... thanks for giving me good ideas! >D and welcome back! :D
January 21st, 2013
Fuuuuu, sorry you guys for the lack of update yesterday D: I was certain that there had been more pages for the auto-update, but apparently not...
I GOT A JOB TODAY :D not a big amazing one, but it's enough to give me some extra money to spend on fun and my savings n.n the downside is, that I have to work everyday in the week (beside every second Sunday) for 1½ hours so I'm pretty limited when it comes to visiting friends x,D but then again, if I don't have any money, I'm limited as well ~ so yeah, I'll be starting in a month (maybe sooner, depending on the guy that currently has the job) and I'm looking forward to it!

@krulik - Numumumumu, I'm super cruel and evil >D But I don't think the happy-fluffy stories are that exciting, it's the painful-frustrating ones that I find interesting 8D But it will be better (and worse), I promise you that ;D

@Yoowl - He somewhat had it comming, after all, he WAS trying to provoke and annoy Alexander :S
But yeah, it feels nice n.n it may also be because I for once has the TIME to actually work a bit on it x,D

@snow crystal - The main reason for Alexander's anger is Matt ;D But Simon is mildly speaking pissed of because of Alexander xD oooh my little darling, he's such an angry little peacock <3
January 13th, 2013
Unf, I totally forgot to comment on last page (and it was even page 300, FAIL!!) and was about to forget this one too x,D
Ohooooooooo, the drama; angry Alexander is angry D:
The last two weeks has been really awesome; I've gotten around to do sooo many things I haven't had the time to do for a long time ~ for example find inspiration to write new pages to Lost Love ;D

-Page 299-
@mirror-wolf - Ahaha, I dod the same thing ;D I hate to wait for pages, so I simply leave the comic or whatever alone for a period of time, then come back to loads of uploads :D
And that is EXACTLY how I wanted to portray them! xD Two birds, trying to scare one another and impress the other with his feathers, but without actually doing anything :P
O_o; hope your care survived without any scratches and stuff; some people tend to become stupid when fireworks is near them...

@snow crystal - It's actually a really good book :3 I haven't gotten that far in it yet, but it has some good points and gives some good tips ~
I like to talk about my stories too, but often it's too complicated to really talk about, I end up being confused myself x,D I need to write it down so I can sort in the things I want to add and remove. But it's nice to have friend's that want to listen and your way sounds really good too x3 It's not always easy to write and build universes;but that's what I like about it n.n
My aunt made it, she knits a lot and is really good at it n.n and yes, that are absolutely the best of presents ;w; those that surprise and shows insight and understanding <3 it sounds really awesome with that musical ticket!!!!! :O I'm glad that you got something so great! The music box sounds like a lot of fun too; wasn't that an expensive present? Ahahah, how nice with the frogs! xD I have a friend that feel the same way about chickens =w=
(wow, sorry if the reply gets really short and brief, I'm having a hard time focusing because of the movie in tv x,D)
Wow, that sounds sooooo selfish o.o; I can understand why you would get annoyed .... when you try and help people and give them advice as what to do but they don't listen, it's suuuuper frustrating. I had a friend once, that told me a bunch of problems, which I got really worried about. It seemed to get worse and I kept suggesting things for her to do, but each day I just got another update, and she took no action. It was super stressful, and was a huge burden! D: when I sooner found out it was a lie, it did not make me happier n.n; so now I love to give people advice, but if they keep ignoring what I'm saying without a good reason and still bitch about their problems, I tend to stop caring too xD; if they won't take it seriously, then why should I? n.n;
Yeah, maybe it was better if we moved out rants to PM's n.n; I'm just 'scared' I'll forget to reply x,D I'm really good at that, since I look at a message and if I don't answer right away, I forget o.o;

-page 300-
@StickieBun - that may not be impossible ;D I'm glad that you like them ~

@Jae (Guest) - ....... I did not even realize that o.o; but you're right, Daniel was not really in the extra chapter either... Good thing that next chapter is approaching rapidly ;D But Simon needed a little spotlight as well :P
December 30th, 2012
I just realized when I set the autoupdate; the first update in 2013 is gonna be page number 300 8D awesome ~ and on that note HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!!! <3 thanks a lot for sticking with me and the story through 2012. A lot has happened, both for me and Matt ;) hopefully 2013 is gonna be a great year! I'm making progress with the editing for the printed version, but I'll have to work even faster if I wat to get done before I run out of pages x.x; (if I don't get it done by then, I have to use the time on writting new pages and then it'll take forever x,D)
I hope you get safely into 2013, and if you're playing with fireworks, BE CAREFUL! X.x both for your own sake, but also others; I've tried to have a small rocket hurl at me because someone hadn't secured it properly and it's NOT fun ;o; but still, have a lot of fun; best wishes from here <3 I'm so sorry that I didn't get to do anything speciel for neither christmas nor new years, but I hope to make up for it in 2013 ;3

@LadyAOI - I can promise you that he isn't ;) .... well, I guess 'talking' is under the deffinition 'doing something' so maybe I should retract that promise o.o;
And right back at you! <3 hope you had as nice a christmas as me n.n <3

@snow crystal - Hmmm, I don't think I know that one o.o but it sounds really nice xD cliche yes, but also like truuuuue fairytale!! :D But I'm glad to hear that it went so well! I guess the children where super happy and proud as well ;D
I fliped through the pages before I bought it, and it seems really interesting. But I TOTALLY agree with you on basically everything you said; learn by doing. A book can't teach you how to become a great author or to find your own style. But I think the reason why I want to try and read this is, that I'm starting to feel confident about my style. I once spend two weeks on a 'author-school/camp'-thingy where we among other things played with different writting styles. The author that was teaching us, had some comments about my style and use of adjectives, but in the end I chose to ignore her comments because I didn't agree x,D but yeah, point is, I'm confident with my style as it is. But I would like to get some helpful tools as how to build up an univers, characters, background story and such. I normally think about all that, but I often find myself confused about all my thoughts and different ideas, so if I could get some ideas as to how to write it down in a simple way, it would be great. So I'm basically looking for help to the structure of the frame of the story. Maybe this book has some ides, maybe it dosn't; only one way to find out :3 Lost Love is really easy since it has so few characters and the world they live in is similar to a 'normal' world, but my other stories has a lot of complex characters and the universes is difficult as well x.x; ...... wow, I feel like that was a huge ramble o.o; I hope the meaning is somewhat clear x,D
Normaly I don't like doing research. Not at all. I can see why it would be a big help to study anatomy before drawing, but I don't really want to... I just want to draw and have fun with it. But I've written for so many years now and I feel like it's something I really want, and hope to get somewhere with. I have goals and dreams with writting, wheras drawing is more like a (dying) hobby whenever I get the urge and time.
Ungh, rather snow than rain!! X.x rain is okay, as long as you don't have to be out in it x,D But we ended up having a somewhat white christmas :D the snow from the day before where still there, but it was raining so it was gradually disapearing; but still, it was there on christmas eve :D
Sounds like a cozy christmas - except for the crying-sister-part :S she usually calls crying on christmas or just in general? My christmas was great, with my parents, brother and aunt and uncle. I got a lot of stuff from my wishlist; glass/porcelain paint, a small weather station, a homemade poncho and a print of a picture one of my friends made; she's really talented and half a year ago I talked to my mother about how I loved her pictures... I never thought that she would buy me one though xD so that completely took me aback :3 how about you?
hahah, yeah, I know right? ;D the bimbo style isn't really me... everything good to you on the last day of 2012 and I hope you get safely and good into 2013!! <3
December 23rd, 2012
Pheeew, FINALLY sparetime is a term I can relate to again!! :D The project is handed in (we were the first from the entire house to get it done and it feels amazing) and now the Christmas spirit is everywhere; as I sit and write this, I look out the window at the snowstorm that has been going on most of the day; it seems like we’ll be getting a white Christmas, but I’m glad I travelled to my parents’ days ago, because the authorities is warning people about going outside… “bring blankets and a fully charged phone in case you get stuck.” O.o;; not what I would want to hear before going to a Christmas dinner…

~page 95~

ALL - thanks for the sweet comments about my break-up <3 <3 <3 I'm fine by now, at least in general, sometimes it stings like a bee, but it's not that often or bad anymore; but I guess that's pretty normal =w=

@krulik - I find my ability to ignore christmas stuff until the middle/ending of November getting stronger and stronger; but yeah, it's annoying to even NEED that ability! D: I love christmas, but each year I'm scared that the stores will ruin the whole christmas-spirit for me, simply because they shove all the stuff in my head so early X.x *cough*

@Yoowl - It dosn't xD I never planned to have it look super pro, it's more like if people want to re-read it and don't want to do it on the computer, or want to bring it somewhere or... stuff... I don't know x,D basically I just want it myself (I'm so selfish, I know =w=; )
I'm positive that the tickets will be super expensive ;o; admitted, I haven't looked it up yet, but it's in the Opera AND it's Copenhagen x,D take money where you can ~

@snow crystal - How did it go with the premier for your theater group?! >w< what was it about, what part did you play? :O
Ahaham sounds like you had both a lot of fun and a lot of trouble with the writting :P How annoying to have done a lot of pre-work just to realize that it won't work out o.o; When I get home I'm going to read this book I bought half a year ago; it's called "how to write fiction for dummies" (but I bought it in the university store, so 'dummies' is relative ;D) and I hope I can learn a lot about how to create a storyline and make a solid foundation for a story >w< I learned a lot from a writters school I attented for a few weeks some years ago, but I want to learn more before I start on some of my more complicated ideas, compared to Lost Love, which is just for fun x,D

~page 197~
@Yoowl - ahaha, it wouldn't really be 'me' if she was TOO different from me, now would she? ;D
That sounds nice! :D I'm spending it with my parents, my brother and my uncle and aunt; so we're 6 people as well :P nice and cozy <3
What the... 10 PEOPLE?!?!? X______x that's waaaaay too many, good thing they got split up x,D first semester we where 7 (8 is max on my uni) and I hated it; so now I don't want to be more than 4 xD; that way everybody get something to say and I can still grasp what we're writting about (after all, the exam is individual) ~
December 16th, 2012
Pff, I wanted to make a prober author comment this time, since I missed last week, but I'm toooo tired... my head spins x,D so I won't reply this time, maybe next n.n bear with me <3

WHOOOHO, they're not braindead bimbos after all x3

Buhuuuu, I've been too busy with school project and such to actually enjoy the christmas season the way I wanted too x.x; that's just pathetic... the mood isn't so good in the group at the moment and as always I'm the middle person *sigh* one grou memeber has barely done anything, which pisses the other one off (me too, but it's just one grou member and not the entire group so for once I actually don't have to do everything by myself, so I'm not super annoyed)and the other one gets sad and annoyed because she has barely contributed with enything, eventhough she knows it's her own fault *sigh* I can't wait to get the last few days over with, then I'll be going home to my family and enjoy the holidays <3 where are you going to spend your christmas? n.n

This weekend I was on a shoot.... in the snow... and it was cold... but it could be worse... xD it was loads of fun and I think the pictures turned out great ~ and when we're on topic; I made a facebook account for my cosplays = Mirazie Cosplays. Those of you who're interested, go like it and in exchange, I'll try not to talk about it in here anymore because, let's face it, it's about the last thing that has anything to do with Lost Love x,D

Now, time for food, a movie and rest for my arms before I go to bed ~ love you all <3
December 2nd, 2012
I really don't have much to say about these pages x,D *shrug*

On the personal note... my boyfriend broke up with me n.n; Like last Monday... I think I'm okay by now, but my stomach is still throwing a fit, either wanting to eat all the time or not at all :S and whenever I'm speaking on the phone with people about it, I'm about to cry (and I'm no crybaby).... and I'm super distracted all the time, can't focus properly at school (which is bad because we have to work hard at our group assignment now :S)... At this very moment I don' want to sit by the computer but I don't want to do other stuff either; I'm super restless and it annoys me to no end! Orz, I don't plan on making a super long emotional explanation on every feeling, so I'll stop now... but I'm glad that next week will be more 'social' than this last one. It has been nice to get some order in my thoughts adn feel that people has been there for me but that I didn't have to force a smile because they were around me all the time. but I'm looking forward to spend most of next week with my group (we're "moving in together" for a couple of days to write intensely) and my best friend, who'll finally be home from Japan ;o; in the weekend I'll be going to a party (looking forward to the booze for a change) and later with a friend whom I haven't seen in a while. So yeah, next week is good =w=

Oh and it started to snow so much yesterda, now we have a whole dynet everywhere x,D the christmas spirit is here!

@krulik - aaaand, you get a cookie ;D yup, Lina is losely based on some of my characteristics :3
I know!! I can't wait to have it in my own bookshelf as well ;o; a dream comming true...

@Yoowl - DDD: you calling me old?!? x,D
I don't plan on rewritting it, ever x.x and especially not now... rewritting the small parts I can manage, but if I should rewrite EVERYTHING it would 1) take me so long so my writting would have changed again, 2)kill my arms ;o; 3) kille the story for me... I would never get through the rewritting, and I would probably loose interest in the story alltogether so you'd never get the ending :S I know that people might be able to tell the difference from the first pages to the last, but it was never meant to be professionally done x,D it was never meant to be sold ~
I saw an add yesterday, about Aladdin; it's coming to CPH! o.o it was so super popular that I'll be shown in the opera house (I think?) next summer :O so I'll deffinately see if I can get the chance to go watch it!! QwQ

@ImaginaryPerson - Good, I just wanted to make sure x3 but I know that all too well; if I do't answer a message right after I read it, I tend to simply forget it o.o;

@mirror-wolf - aaaand that was exactly why Matt joined the girls ;D he wanted to annoy Alexander... he can be an annoying little bastard when it hits him =w=;

@snow crystal - Wooooow, that's so impressive! o.o that's a looooot of pages... is it a complete story or just a part on something you where already working on? :3
Ahaha, I'm glad to hear that you think that ;P I like writting these light-hearted chapters from time to time, I get to use some other language and stuff x3 and it's less depressing and dark than... well.... the deressing and dark parts of the story x,D
I DO celebrate christmas!!! QwQ I love it; not in the beginning, when the stores begins to seel the stuff in the middle of October, that's just so annoying and frustrating ;w; but when we reach the end of November, beginning of December, all the good stuff starts x3 I make christmas candy, decorate (usually, the last week I've been to busy cleaning out in my room, to decorate it with new stuff) and in a couple of weeks I'll be going home to my parents' n.n looking so much forward to it, because that means that our school-group-project will also be over =w= So thankyou, and right back at you ~ merry Advent (or how you say that x3)
November 25th, 2012
Soooooo, as for the 'publishing' of this story, the beta reading and re-writting of someparts is taking quite a while; actually a lot longer than I had first expected X.x;; but when I read the first chapters (excluding the actual first chapter x,D but from chapter 3 or so) I struggle between thinking that it's fine and just leave it be and that I want to rewritte it all because I would use the language differently o.o; so yeah... but stuff is happening! Actually, the other day I just wrote the extra chapter that I'm going to include only in the book. It's about 7-9 pages in here (equal to the amount I upload)and 3 Word pages :3 When the book is for sale at some point, I'll tell you what the chapter is about x3 <3

@Yoowl - YIRH, I love it when people remember little details like that x3 <3
Ahahah, no way, I'm not nearly that agressive x,D When it gets to that, I'm more like super shy compared to my friend; but again, they're just roughly based on us, after all, they had to fit in the story and me and her wouldn't xD;
I'm really glad that it's so much better at the moment! n.n and when I can feel such a difference, it's much easier for me to keep going with the excercises than if I had to keep going for month without seeing a result o.o; but yes, omg, if I could do NOTHING without it hurting, I would be bored to death x.x;

@Kingdomgirl94 - and no one should try to, you can fantasize to your hearts content about it! x3 ... if it's true or not, can only time tell (and me, but I won't spoil anything =w=b)

@Angel_Sin - Aaaaaah, yeah, in my country, you only have to be 16 to buy alcohol, 18 if it's strong alcohol ~ and Matt's around 18-19 n.n; I'm not saying that the story is taking place in my country (it's a fictional world with a fictional city), but since I've grown up with that attitude and rules towards alcohol, that's going to reflect in the story n.n; I know that in america you have to be 21 to buy alcohol, but to be honest, I didn't think about that when I wrote this o.o; so yeah, he could buy a beer without showing ID because the rules are less strict than in the US.... makes sense? x,D

@ImaginaryPerson - I loooove "fastelavn", it's like one of my favorit childhood holidays, so I get a little sad and annoyed when people start excercising something that's too similar; I'm afraid "fastelavn" will be forgotten in the process ;o;
By the way, did you get the pm I sent you about a month ago? n.n
November 18th, 2012
Remember, Matt used to hook up with girls ~ he knows how to talk to them bitches x,D Oh yeah, fun fact: those two girls were supposed to be based on my best friend and myself (that may be too much to say, but I had us in mind when I wrote about those two (and no, neither one of us is overstyled sluts, but... yeah, I hope you know what I mean x,D) but it ended up not being very accurate; my friend could somewhat see us in them, but only barely x,D damn you story for having a will of your own...) ~ you get a cookie if you somewhere along the next pages can guess which one 'is me' =w= <3

@StickieBun - yup, he's quite the dumbass, especially in this scene :S but to be fair to him, he would say Michael Jackson was born white if it would annoy Simon xD meaning he'll say anything just to get under his skin, eventhough it dosn't reflect his true opinions :3

@ImaginaryPerson - to be hoest, 'fastelavn' is in the spring so it's not like they overlap each other time-wise. It's more theme-wise... :S
But no she didn't she just wanted candy; really, when I looked at her through the door-spy I thought she was just standing with a towel, wanting to borrow some stuff or something o.o;;

@Yoowl - It's really great! n.n I'm so happy ~ though they annoy me these days, but really, it could be SO much worse ;w;

@krulik - Matt needs to shine from time to time ;D