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Interesting. Very curious scene change. I love it. :D
They are so adorable. :D And sexy.
@Quadrant: Maybe that's why they don't lock their doors. ;)
He almost looks like he'd be more than willing to entertain four men provided they feed him well. :D But I guess he can't help looking very adorable. Especially when hungry.

Quickly Andrew, while his mouth is open.
Between the adorable hotness that is the man losing blood over the memory of last night and these two. I adore every page.
Gary and his sexy sweaty hair, all super-model poser-ish.

Seriously, he's leaning against a tree, his hand all hipster cool partially in his pocket, lifting his wet hair up to reveal those bedroom eyes. This, is a supermodel pose.

And now he's hungry, for love.
Your characters are always so fun. And I love how much attention and love Corbin gets....even if he is annoyed by it. xD

Absolute best to you.
So he starts off sweaty and doing supermodel poses. Right on! :D