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Shade The Master

Description: Biogenetic Creatoin, (C)Doc. Terr industries

Comic powers:The Creatoin of Flaming acorns, Or sometimes things that aren't acorns but are flaming, or that aren't flaming but are acorns.

Spriting Skill Specialities: Recolour, Mass scale recolour,Mass scale Area based recolour (IE: Recolour The White gloves but not the white shoes that have the same palletMass scale),Fusion.

Personality: Funny, And Insane most of the time.Haqtes Bugs,insects,Bugs,Insects,Even More bugs, Spiders, Being insulted because of being a recolour, And bugs.

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Dear SC,

What don't you join the rest of the population and get a PC or a MAC? I don't understand why somebody trying to take over the multiverse can't get a computer without having to type in the program address into his computer. It makes things alot easier.

A guy you really don't have much connection with, Internet.
Probably because he is in love with ahuman and can PWN anything in 1-2-3.
Um, has everyone here forgotten that Prince is king's prostege? Meaning he is pretty much a bad guy?
Probably not as bad as Doc. Robot though, GO G-MEL!
Anyway, I can't wait to here how G-Mel even exists since sonic deactivated emerl.
"Prince" Is already on the character page if he is who i think he is. He disappeared earlier in the comic, and he had love issues, And he'd be a really good choice for "Prince."
And as for beat, He is a bird, inconspicuous and considered by most worthless ,He could go pretty much go wherever he can fit and not really get too much attention.
I don't know about you but Princes normally suceed kings.
BlasterMaster, Sguir means beat,Not Omega-flicky.And As tails said early, Omega got fried. His Data has been reduced to ashes.He could rebuild omega and program Omega to wear a pink dress, where lipstick, and think he was tom sawyer.
He could say he won't, go to the computer, and make the adapter malfunction.
It would probably be one of the robots and one of the furries. Cuz Omega and rouge were both on Team dark so he's probably going to try and protect her. Then it depends who wins between Omega and treble. Whoever wins, gets to get the furry they want.Unless of course the furries hide at this instance.

Actually,I just remembered, forget that. Nobody dies. What do you think this is, a movie? It's a comic strip,Duh.
Um...Kid freindly flaw...
I know you used the word Forking and such , But does it not Imply the cuss word, especially since you censored it? Kids will realize what you mean and may at first think it is the cuss word.
I see what's going on here up to a point.
I doubt GUN has any adapters like that, and if they do, the two evil scientists didn't really use it.
I assume the one who doesn't comment is me?
Sorry, I'm relatively new to smackjeeves and i don't comment often.
Anyway, Yeah, This comic has been really good.
Yeah Yeah
Complaint:I haven't Updated in a while.

Excuse:*Coughnotlazycough* It's harder then i thought to think up scripts.

Complaint:The joke is bad.

Excuse: AT least it's original

Complaint:Some of those jokes are cliche

Excuse: nO tHeY aReN't BeCuAsE i SeD sO. pHeAr HyPnOsPeEcH.

Anyway, If you go back a comic you'll see the Dataz cat which i put there for no reason whatsoever then top do something totally random. Sue me.

Actually, Please don't sue me. My mom will kill me sooner then pay the money, And I value my life very much.
It was supposed to be a mirror of the last comic except with a different ending. But things didn't work out that well. Oh well. I wanted for it to be funny but i didn't want them having a Shade robot just yet. And the joke in panel 2 is original. Even if it isn't good.
I know you think it's unreal an explosoin would do that much damage but this is funnier.
ACtually i bet you thought the explosoin would blow him up completely, so ya.
I actually scream like that.
I just don't know how to scream like a boy.Welll, according to everybody on the phone who has talked to me (Hello ma'am), I have a girly voice too, so ya.
AH, Nothing like an exploding robot and a powerful hedgehog screaming like a girl.
Not that He is all that powerful anyway
Technically, I didn't lie cause i had half a long drawn out battle in there...
Besides i had my fingers crossed. Well not really but I'm just going to pretend i did.
Meh, Weak punchline but it's mostly supposed to be a battle scene.
In other news the 4th of july comic special has been deleted and moved to the "Fillers" page. If you want to see it again go there.
Unlike RyanMC i intend to have at least somewhat long draw-out battles. But unlike AKumaTH i don't plan on just having them show people blasting each other mindlessly with very little humor whatsoever (No offense to these people).
The critics say....
If it isn't an unoriginal joke, It's a bad one.