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Well, let's go for the usual boring info: I like drawing, boys with boys, boys on their own^^, reading, drama, writing, etc... that's IT for now!
Oh and I draw a few comics on Smackjeeves :)

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December 31st, 2016
Just read all of this in one go! Brilliant art, story and dialogue! :)
Wasn't expecting that at all!
ooh things are getting hot n steamy :) I'm sure you've been asked the question before, but are Anwen and Owen Welsh, and do they have Welsh accents?
Great! Things are out in the open at least! I'd wondered how El reacted after Lon's phonecall before, such a good idea to use a flashback.
August 1st, 2014
Jason looks so... torn! Poor thing! So where's El now?
July 14th, 2014
@JesBelle: I had the same feeling about the characters in Wuthering Heights! I can't bring myself to hate any of the main Jason characters though...
July 14th, 2014
Oops. Back to reality
ooh that kisss :3
June 16th, 2014
Having read Wuthering Heights I find that the way the characters act in the comic is not surprising given the characters they are based on. Loving everything still :)
Aww, they're adorable together (despite their history of course)
Just read all the comic in one go! It's awesome! Love the art and story! :)
I love the interaction between these two, they should be friends! :)
Such a cool chapter cover!
March 16th, 2014
@mydearbasil: Thanks! Oh I was just wondering how you went about making a comic page, that kind of stuff :)
March 16th, 2014
Ooooh intense! Love your technique, it's as cool as ever! (BTW Do you you have a tutorial or walkthrough about it somewhere?)
that animal in Cecil's hand looks cute!
ooh this first page is so cute! Adin looks lovely :)
March 13th, 2014
that was great! love the art and the text, so beautiful!
LOVE the new banner :)