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I fucking love Pokemon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Wait thats it! Oh come on, I need more pls.
I am in love with this story!!!!! I have binged all ten chapters in about 2ish hours and regret nothing but now I must sleep and dream about something.
I am loving this.
@meidiocre: Awesome! I look forword to reading this.
August 8th, 2019
Intresting. Will follow for more.
So I was not gunna read it because I'm not a fan of yaoi butt!!! Then I saw it had magic and I am loving this pls make more.
She is so beautiful
oooh intresting.
I am loving this comic.
So they are sisters so is she jelly that she does not have the goddess inside her?
Don't vampires need an invintation to enter someones house? and this is awesoeme. I need moe pls
pls I need more and she is hot and that tiny cuthuluying being is adorable.
I think he means that they are the local fish population.
She looks so pretty but then again she is an elf and they are almost alwasy beautiful.
I am enjoying the... sudden urdge to say baka and is chara a tsundere.
I mostly find the names confusing but besides that its not bad. 7.5/10