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I know his is sexy as freak, but can you not see he has tears in his eyes, his body might be enjoying it but what if he didn't want to loose control in school.
Nothing, I'm sad
This is so sad
Did we start the comic over?
So much for him saying this disgust him since he is so into it
and I was kinda hoping she died, don't get me wrong the fathers no better. She raped Kuro, so she probably go to jail, but I'm sure she would tell the cops that he sold his son into sex. So I'm sure he won't do anything, and she probably going to tell Kuro she pregnant with his kid.
This is how he feels in real life, but no one understands.
He is pouring his heart out.
I'm so excited!!!
Oh snap, did he shoot the DR
Drug lol that's so funny, but that was short lived someone gun happy.
He is so cute blushing
Yeah I'm kinda confused
He like snap out of this right now, no crying!

*Deep down* OMG he is so cute

At least the deep down is what I want him to think
He should get lots of hugs but we l wonthis will not happen
Scott should have slowed down, but Thomas should have spoken up. I also think he should just stop having sex with Thomas till the figured it out, since he cry every time they do it.
Just saying if he believes those pictures he kinda is stupid.
This is probably the guy he fell in love with
I like the story and want more, I want to know what's going to Happen next, that being said. I feel if you rather do neat pages that take longer you should, and if you don't like the story and want to change you should it's your baby. I would miss the story so far but if read it even if you decide to start over
Omg I've been waiting