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Legion my poor baby dont cry
whose this hottie, he cute
Whose this?
Poor kid
So has conner always been a vampire
This is so cute
September 20th, 2017
Wasn't he getting beat up? I mean would that be better going around than the sex tape?
nevermind, before oct 20th lol
How long do you got to submit one?
September 11th, 2017
I feel like this is a dream. First off he wearing like the same clothes I think as school. If not he might be coming to tell him to move on.
I would say if its the same story, I'd wait for the revamp. If its not than finish it
September 4th, 2017
Carter should go to a hospital he doesn't look so good, like he going to pass out
who is this?
I know his is sexy as freak, but can you not see he has tears in his eyes, his body might be enjoying it but what if he didn't want to loose control in school.
Nothing, I'm sad
This is so sad
Did we start the comic over?
So much for him saying this disgust him since he is so into it
and I was kinda hoping she died, don't get me wrong the fathers no better. She raped Kuro, so she probably go to jail, but I'm sure she would tell the cops that he sold his son into sex. So I'm sure he won't do anything, and she probably going to tell Kuro she pregnant with his kid.
This is how he feels in real life, but no one understands.