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I know why Emmett is angry at the other and he shouldn't have kissed eros being sick but I feel bad for him
Something bothering him, maybe he just going to kiss you
I think he is one of my favs =)
I want to see him cry in his chest
Just crawl on in and hugg him with your face to his back
You stay safe, and this page turned out really well. Love you
I'm so excited
Oh No, you leave Tenchi alone
So sad
whose this guy!
I love them
this is so cute
Legion my poor baby dont cry
whose this hottie, he cute
Whose this?
Poor kid
So has conner always been a vampire
This is so cute
September 11th, 2017
I feel like this is a dream. First off he wearing like the same clothes I think as school. If not he might be coming to tell him to move on.