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There isn't much to say about me.

I might someday in the far away future start a doodle-webcomic here on sj but I warn you, it'll be crappy because I can't draw in one coherent style, I'm more of a writer^^

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February 13th, 2015
agreed :D I'm sure Ron doesn't want to be Ron, if I where Ron, I wouldn't want to be myself either xD
wow, I read the last few updates in one go becuase I wasn't online much over the Holydays: At first I thought Eveline wanted to apologise or something but following the girls just to be THAT mean...I would've felt like punching her as well...still I see why Alice is angry now even if walking away is a bit much...sad page is sad
I'd say Jessica get's all the crazy ones, not Chase, poor girl, I know that feel, sister ^^
omg! Easter Egg after Easter Egg: I see what you did there placing the Oh Human Star main characters at the table :D I only found your comic today but I already love it! It makes sense though, a Reality with highly realistic Robocops fits Brendan and Alastair (let's just hope Al's better "equiped" ;) )
I noticed this Poster too, great Movie and I love that you put it there as if to say that not only does Interstella 5555 exist in this alternate Reality, it's also appreciated :D
whoooo go Katrina :D

But I don't agree, kissing girls is way different!
100% of the girls/women I kissed were good kissers...reaaaaaaally good kissers ;)

of all the boys/men I'd say it's about 50%...and the 50% that where bad really had no!clue!at!all! about what to do xD
what about Chino-Pants? I'd say they fit business-attire, you could roll them up if they're too long, which is a good look for chinos, they are comfortable (at least the ones I own) and even if you buy them in the women's section, they'll probably look unisex.

I have two pairs (essentially the same pair twice) that fit really baggy but get tight around the ankle, they are awesome and work for formal occasions...and you could always just skip the jacket or go for a vest...have you tried a wool-cardigan? I think those look great over a button down shirt with a bow- or necktie.

Maybe a really short blazer might be an option? Then you don't have to worry about the fit around your hips and if you don't close the buttons, the fit will be looser, that's what I'm doing with mine when I don't feel like emphasizing curves.

I'm sure you already tried but anyway: What about the kid's/youth sections of clothes-stores? You might still find something fancy that fits your size but doesn't have a "curvy-fit"...I know a lot of people that are even a little taller than you and they buy a lot of clothes also tends to be cheaper but I don't know if that's a general rule ;)
Oh, Hi there! I'm German as well^^

I'm starting to suspect half of Smackjeeves is ;)

Have to admit though, I didn't watch the Worldcup at all, it's my exam-weeks so I wasn't really motivated to watch just for the fun either...but still I think we had this title coming since at least 2006 ;) ^^
the sad thing is that Alice shouldn't have to find excuses for kissing whomever she wanted or be forced to lie about it.

Eveline just brought her into this situation to bully her even more and Alice has to stand her own ground now and stay true to herself...
June 3rd, 2014
friendship is magic
awww why did they have to end so...anticlimactic...I think this version is actually the most realistic one you could have written and I couldn't think of Cassey and Alice in a working, not forced looking scenario where it wouldn't hinder the process of the story itself...but still awwwwwwwww :( the feels
@Quadrant: a porn genre we never knew we've been acutally waiting for
I have a feeling, Owen is fucking with Avery's mind (rather than with other parts that are more fuck-worthy^^)

No matter what, I don't think he is serious, I think it's only fun for him and maybe even a one time thing and Avery doesn't need that

Also: I think I start to get how you two plot trails are connected with Owen or around him
I'm officially starting to call people pixie face now
I like the kiss and how it comes so natural.
Of course the whole Cassy-story is extremely "easy" and drama-free but I still think it's plausible because Alice is on vacation, in another country, around people she doesn't know, that don't know her and will probably never see again so she has nothing to loose and that explains that she just takes the opportunity Cassey offers and runs with it...also Summer Lovin', duh! ;)

Everyone needs a little cute and simple cheesiness in their life once in a while :)
@embug: omg YES she does O_O this makes her even more awesome

I love this comic, it's so lovely
yup...same problem here! I thought with my hair short, I'd send out some kind of lesbian-vibe but instead I get hit on by men at least as much as before and neutral people (platonic friends that don't flirt with me) agree that my face gets more attention with the short hair.

I've been out looking like a picture book hipster-dyke (which I consider a good look) and still a guy hit on one questions my assumed heterosexuality...the look is also liked by elderly even asked me if my husband cut my hair that nicely o_O

On the other hand: Isn't it nice that optical stereotypes are being dropped?
how many packs/glasses of Soy milk are gonna be droped in this comic? :D
Rock your Uni-stuff!

I studied Media-Informatics for a short time (it wasn't for me) and I already thought that the math we had there was incredibly complicated so I only can imagine what level you're dealing with in your classes...wish you all the best with Uni, I'm sure you'll do fine since it seems in your comics you really like what you do :)
I like that Cassy is the way she is, she is neither your cliche-lesbian, nor "just" a normal pretty girl with the sole purpose of contradicting the lesbian-stereotype, she is simply unique and that's amazing!

Also: Some panels on these last pages make it seem like Alice has cut her hair with the strands in her neck almost not visible...I think that hairstyle would suit her really well! Actually I wondered on the first USA-page if she hadn't got a new hairstyle...but this is just an observation, no order to the artist about how to draw your characters ;)