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Congratulations on finishing your story! I'm so sad it's over, I'm not really on smackjeeves anymore but this is the only comic I've seriously kept checking on it's updates.
I loved reading mortifer all these years, thank you for all your hard work! :)
November 30th, 2010
this is probably not the comment you'd expect but ... I LOVE her shoes! :D
SU-NAP! Girl, you just got burned. BURNED! lol
November 8th, 2010
Is it just me or does Val kinda look like Light from DN here? Either way I love this page :)
October 24th, 2010
Sorry if I'm slow but... how long has it said "The Piggy Lord wrote:"? I never noticed it before :P lol. And don't be disappointed, it takes a lot of time to make great stories. :)
October 1st, 2010
Yes! The plot needs to keep on coming :D
And when will anyone tell Val about his baby?
YES!!!! Will Val finally be able to see his little girl? :D
Pfft...more like an uncle. Oh, wait.
Vlad...sounds familiar. What are the pages he's explained in?
I was thinking about this game the other day and how I really want to play it again :P
:( aww poor Kole. I wish Valentine was there too.
well then, someone's in denial.
I LOVE this page. I love the last frame. I see shock, wtf, and perhaps guilty feelings?
That's okay :D I'm glad you posted a page today, I had a pretty crap day. Yay, I now have something in the "Good things that happened today" category. Merci for updating XD
holy crap!

... that's all i have to say. Thanks for updating!! :D
March 13th, 2010
Someone's screwed. :)
woah,its wierd rereading pages 10-11 chapter 23,everything makes more sense, and its freaky DX But, YAY! double update :D
kokkoii-matoku, i think your mixing up Johnathan and Joshua. :)
Jonathan?? :O OMFG! Wow, no one guessed, good work! My guess was Joshua. Is it Friday yet?
February 22nd, 2010
And baby Kole cries in 3...2...1